News 2017


And here is the summary of our show year 2017
(we werde 23 times on the road, visiting 26 shows):

Maryscot Swing Man
  1x shown, only at the Scottie-Special Veteran Class

Mafioso Zampalou
  5x shown (3x abroad), 5x CAC

Mafioso Mabuse
  23x shown (13x abroad), 1x Open, 23x Champion Classe, 12x CAC, 8x VDH-CAC, 5x BOB, 3x BOS
  KfT-Klub Winnerr, VDH-Bundes Winner, Austrian Champion, International Champion

Mafioso Mrs. Dixieland
  21x shown (9x abroad), 7x Puppy, 14x Junior Class, 9x JCAC, 2x BOB, 5x BOS, 6x placed in the main ring
  KfT-Junior Champion, German Junior Champion (VDH), KfT-Club Junior Winnerr, Bundes Junior Winner (AT)


We were in Karlsruhe at the International Show with Mab├║se and Dixie. Mabuse went BOB and Dixie won the Junior Class and, as no adult dogs were presented, akso BOS. With this win, she also finished her German Junior Champion (VDH) title.
She was a little better temperament-wise, but on Facebook, there were anyway a lot of negative comments about her win. On the other hand, it is undisputable that her anatomy is really excellent, and if the judge focusses on anatomy...? Nevertheless, I was surprised myself that she won, as the bitch in 2nd place is also very nice and presented herself perfectly - I would have put her up from my point of view!


We went to the World Dog Show with Dixie. Unfortunately, she acted very shy and timid - out of nowhere, no special bad experience whatsoever.
The judge did not like this lack of terrier temperament - so she got a “Very Good” rating only.


We visited the German Winner Show in Leipzig which took place in connection with the World Dog Show this year. We were the only German exhibitors among many Russians, a few Danish and one French exhibitor.
Our results were not so good: Mabuse got Excellent without placement (perhaps, because he slipped out of the leash?) and Dixie was Exc-4.


Today, Charlie celebrated his 12th birthday. He still is in very good health with almost no grey hair.
At our Scottie Special show a few weeks ago, the judge said about him: ”at almost 12 years old, this gentleman still retains his quality. Full of type, well presented and moves as I would expect for one of his years.”
We hope he will still be with us for much longer.


Dortmund again - Intern. Show with slightly better results (at even less entries):
Mabuse won the CACIB and Dixie got the important JunVDH-ticket on her way to German Champion (VDH).
The results of the BOB competition were a but strange - both got nothing.


At the Bundessieger show in Dortmund, Mabuse won the title Bundes Winner (Bundessieger) - without competition.
Dixie, unfortunately, was only 2nd in her class and missed the title.


We visited the top Austrian show in Tulln close to Vienna with Mabuse and Dixie - with very nice results.
Mabuse was 2nd in Champion Class on Saturday, but on Sunday, he won the Champion Class and recieved the Austrian ticket and a Reseve CACIB. With this win, he completed his Austrian Champion title.
Dixie did even better: she became Best Junior both days and additionally BOS both days, beating a significant number of adult bitches.
She also became Bundes Junior Winner and earned the Crufts qualification.
As a special compliment, the experienced Hungarian Terrier judge commented and called her out as an exceptional young bitch.


He finally made it: at the Int. All-breed Show in Strassbourg (France), Mabuse won the CACIB ticket (and was BOB) and thus fulfilled the reqquirements for the FCI International Champion.


We went to the Int’l Show in Kreuzlingen/Switzerland - mainly to compete for the 3rd CACIB country for Mabuse’s Int Champion.
But he failed - the judge liked him very muchf but found him too “skinny” this time, while I heard “a bit too fat” at other shows before. Not sure what to do.
But we also took Dixie with us - and the did really great again: Best Junior, BOS (over a number of nice adults) and in the main ring BIS-3 Juniors. Well done!


Today, at the Terrier show in Mittelhessen, Dixie did it again: she won the junior ticket, went BOS and later in the main ring BIS Juniors - already the 3rd time in four shows.


P-H-Clieves-22-09-2015-IMG-6611Today, our old girl Bambi left us at the age of almost 14 years. She never saw a vet (except for cleaning teeth) and she died at home within a few minutes - she was always very stubborn, so she obviously even wanted to decide when she leaves by herself.


Club Winner Show of the German Terrier Club - another nice day.
Mabuse won the male Club Winner title and Dixie went Club Junior Winner, and with this win, she completed her German Junior Champion (KfT) title in just 2 weekends.

The BOB competition was a bit sad. As I had two dogs in the competition, I had to ask another breeder to take one of them - and I chose Mabuse because I thought as an experienced show dog, he would be easier to show by a “stranger” than my young, excited Dixie. Big mistake: Mabuse didn├ät really walk - he was only turning around looking for his daddy. And the, the judge told me: why didn’t you show your boy - you just destroyed your BOB! If I had known that least, little Dixie went BOS over the adult bitches.


And another exiting day for the team:
at the show organized by the German Terrier Club on the day before the Club Winner, we showed Mabuse and Dixie.
The judge was the famous French breeder Katharina Round (Champernoune) and I was very interested of her opinion of my dogs (obviously, the other German breeder didn’t care - only one other veteran dog was entered - so sad and ignorant!).
And she was very positive to both . particularly Dixie who won BOB over her father who then went BOS.
And Dixie, again, excelled in the main ring becoming BIS-Juniors and BIS-5!


Super day at the Terrier show in Bensheim:
Dixie showed in Junior Class for the first time - and what a result:
Junior CAC ticket, Best Junior in Breed, BOB, BIS-Junior finally BIS-3!!
And she showed her socks off from beginning to end despite the heat.
Not to forget: Zampalou won the CAC ticket in Open Class and wth this win, completed his German Champion (KfT) title.


We visited with our three youngest tem members the Club Winner weekend of the Austrian Terrier Club near by Vienna - a very nice event that draw many exhibitors, also from abroad.
Our results were “mixed”:
Zampalou won the Austrian CAC ticket both days in Open Class (without competition)
Mabuse was beaten in Chamion Class both days and ended 2nd
Dixie presented herself in Puppy Class (2 days too young for Juniors) at her best and very promising.
As a conformastion for her talent, she won BIS-Puppy on Saturday and BIS-Puppy-3 on Sunday!


Shortly after his 13th birthday, we had to say Goodbye to our wonderful old man Muffin.
After he has been happy and lively despite his age (see the post below from 6 weeks ago), he degraded very fast.
Diagnosis was liver cancer and we put his suffering to an end.


We visited the Terrier show weekend in Switzerland organized by the Scottish Terrier Club Switzerland.

On Saturday, at the regular CAC show, everything was perfect for us. Dixie was Best Puppy in breed and received an overwhelming critique by the judge, ending with the word “Bravo”!
Mabuse won BOB und was in the final 4 in the BIS ring.

On Sunday, at the Swiss Club Winner Show, Dixie achieved the same result. Mabuse, unfortunately, had injured his front foot a bit on Saturday afternoon. So he was still limping in the ring, particularly on the dry grass, and therefore only ended as 2nd in his class.
So we missed the Club Winner title - too bad, when the judge says “he is the best dog, but unfortunately...”.


We visited the Terrier show in Gro├č-Bieberau, mainly as a family meeting with Dr. Kaufmann and her whole team from Mafioso Motzi.
We showed Mabuse (CAC ticket), Zampalou /ResCAC which is upgraded) and Dixie (VP).
Mabuse didn’t get the BOB despite limited competition.
Corina said “what a shame”. I said “yes, but rather for the judge than for us”.


We showed Mabuse at the VDH European Winner Show in Dortmund.
First, he won a strong Champion class, but the he lost the title competion, as a great surprise for most of the other exhibitors and visitors watching. But we can try again next year.


We visited the Terrier Show in Luxembourg with Mabuse and Dixie.
Mabuse won the Champion Class and received his 2nd Lux ticket - which is unfortunately not sufficient for the Lux Champion, as one of the two required tickets must be from an intern. show.
Dixie was absolutely self-confident despite the loud hall. Now we will wait until for her becoming 9 months old in July to start her “real” show career.


First show for Dixie in Puppy Class. She showed with lots of temperament and not bothered at all (just like at home). She received “Very Promising” rating and an impressive critique by terrier judge Sissi Dollmann from Austria.
Interestingly, Mrs. Dollmann also judged Mabuse in his first show as a puppy in 2015. She was impressed of him, too, and forecasted a great show career for him - and it turned out that she was right!

Mabuse joined us as well as support for Dixie, and he became BOB as well as in the final four short-legged terriers.


P-H-Clieves-22-09-2015-IMG-6620Today, Muffin celebrated his 13th birthday.
While he has almost no teeth anymore, he still is a very active old man who is even capable to keep up with our young ones at the walk - and that after surviving a life-threatening surgery (ileus) last year.
Just as a reminder (see also his own page): in 2005, Muffin became the most successful Junior Scottie in Germany of all times gaining 11(!) Junior titles, and after that he achieved 6 adult Champion titles as well as, of course, 2 Veteran Champion titles.
But most of all, he is a lovely boy (now old man) who still demands to be petted by every visitor in the house with loud barks.


Mabuse went to the Int. Show in Luxembourg (judge: Gaskell/ kennel Mayson).
Unfortunately, he was not placed in a large Champion Class. But the competition was 10 largely excellent dogs.
So, no disappointment!


We visited the international all-breed show in Graz with very nice results:

Zampalou won the Open Class and gained an Austrian CAC.
Mabuse won the Champion Class and the CACIB ticket, became BOB and the later BIG-4 in the main ring.
He just misses another CACIB from a third country for his International Champion title.


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