News 2009


Here is a summary of our show year 2009:

Overall, we weren’t so active this year, partly because our dogs had achieved their titles already, partly becaus of the required “waiting period”. In the second half of the year, Charlie (Maryscot Swing Man) arrived, and I showed him several times.

Here are our results:

Maryscot Swing Man
  12x shown (9x abroad), 8x CAC, 3x CACIB, 1x BOB
   Best Terrier (BOG) Int. All-breed Show Lausanne

Downtown Dulce Mafioso
  1x shown, 1xBOB

Mafioso Bingo Boy
  2x shown (abroad), 2x ResCACIB

Mafioso Perla
  4x shown (abroad); 2x CAC

Mafioso Flicka
  8x shown (5x aboad), 3x CAC,
  German Champion (VDH), Austrian Champion

For the complete picture, you have to add my “adopted child” News (Deacon Brodies Who Knows?)who became in 2009 German Champion (VDH & KfT) and Austrian Champion and earned 3x CACIB.


“Sadie” aka Roundtown Mercedes of Maryscot wins Best in Show at the AKC National Championship Show in Long Beach/ CA. Sadie is bred by Mary O’Neal & Anstamm Kennels and half-sister to Charlie.

 Sadie BIS AKC National1  Sadie BIS AKC National 2

Oct. 7, 2009

At the Terrier show in Rottenbuch/ Bavaria, Charlie won his first German tickets (for both systems).

Oct. 18, 2009

Show weekend in Lausanne/ Switzerland. We went there with Charlie and Perla. And what a great day...

On Saturday, Charlie got his first IB ticket and went BOB under Swiss judge Harry Rellstab. And in the main ring Charlie won the group under Ronnie Irving, president of the Kennel Club and well-known terrier judge! What a success!!

Charlie BIG Lausanne

Unfortunately, the judge on Sunday had a completely different opinion and placed Charlie 3rd in his class, only.

We went to Lausanne mainly because of Perle, as we were hoping for her last IB ticket for the Int Ch. Unfortunately, she won her class both days - but missed the ticket. But due to Charlie’s big win, it was worth the long trip anyway.

Oct. 13, 2009

Charlie got his second, again at Mona Riedl’s “Deacon Brodie’s” kennel. Proud mom this time is Whitney, Shocker’s daughter and Muffin’s full sister; 2 boys and 4 girl, all whelped freely.
All details can be seen on

Oct. 6, 2009

A wonderful success for our friends and mentors from Anstamm Kennels at the most important terrier show weekend at Montgomery County Kennel Club:

Roundtown Mercedes of Maryscot wins BOB (with 125 Scotties entered) at the National Specialty of the Scottish Terrier Club of America and Best in Show (with approx. 1.500 Terriers entered)! Additionally, Mercedes was BIS at both all-breed shows (Hatboro and Devon) that same week. This way, Mercedes stays well on her way to become #1 Showdog All Breeds 2009 in the USA. (Mercedes is the half sister to Charlie who now lives with us)

On top of that, Anstamm Wild West was Best of Opposite Sex (BOS) at the National Specialty.

Oct. 5, 2009

Charlie, Flicka and News went to the show weekend in Tulln/ Austria with mixed results:

On Sunday at the Austrian Bundes Winner Show, Charlie won the Champion Class against two big-time winners. But at the title finals, he was placed last. Flika (in Open Class) and News (in Champion Clas) were both placed second behind Russian bitches. But News at least got the ResCACIB ticket which will be upgraded to a full ticket.

On Sunday at the Club Winner Show of the Austrian Terrier Club, Charlie lost against the same Czech dog he beat clearly the da before - but under a Czech judge this time. Flicka and News both won their classes. But Flicka didn’t get the Club Winner title as only me (and not my wife) are files as club members - how greedy! Fortunately, Flicka won her 4th CAC ticket and is now Austrian Champion.

Sept. 21, 2009

Charlie got his first litter in Germany at Mona Riedl’s “Deacon Brodie’s” kennel. Proud mom is Edda; 3 boys and 1 girl, all whelped freely.
All details can be seen on

Sept. 19, 2009

At the show weekend in Leipzig (12.09. international show, & 13.09. national show), Charlie won the reserve tickets both day. They will be upgraded as the CC winner is an intern. and national champion already. This is not the most satisfying result, but it can be used anyway.

Sept 5/6, 2009

The show weekend in Switzerland (Terrier Show in Weiach ans Black & White Club Winner Show of the Scottish Terrier Club Switzerland) was better, to some extent. Particularly for Charlie who won the CAC ticket both days and his first European title Club Winner Switzerland on Sunday. And his critiques also reflected his credentials. The girls, Flicka and News didn’t do so well, but that was just like we expected due to their bad coat condition (a few weeks after their heat). Nevertheless, Flicka managed to win her first Swiss CAC ticket on Sunday winning the Open class.

Sept. 1, 2009

Charlie’s start at his first shows (Wels/ Austrie 21.-23. Aug. and German Club Winner Show 30. Aug.) was as difficult as expected. He showed wonderfully, easy and professionally,  and mostly received excellent critiques as far as his credentials are concerned (substance, overall outline, head, body, coat quality etc.). But overall, he represents a different overall style of appearance as judges in Europe are used to see and looking for. They look for a wide body, mostly made up with lots of coat and furnishings which Charlie can currently not offer - and I personally refuse (particularly when it comes to backcombed and sprayed furnishings for extra volume).

If then a judge gives him a “Very Good” rating only (as happened at the Club Winner show), I cannot understand such rating for a dog conforming with the standard so fully and only displays a different overall appearance. The rating should not be based on an overall appearance made up by lots of coat and furnishings but rather objective criteria in relation to the standard which can easily be determined on the table or in the ring!

June 06, 2009

A single boy puppy was born by Mafioso Perla, Sire is Mr. Muffin (Downtown Dulce Mafioso). Mother and son are doimg well so far.

June 06, 2009

Cindy Cooke - Maryscot Swing Man BOB STC Greater Atlanta 2009On June 10, wonderful addition to our kennel will arrive in Frankfurt:

the successful Maryscot Swing Man from Anstamm/ USA,
to build and enhance our breeding program,
and to, hopefully, to continue his show career in Europe.


May 21, 2009

At the terrier show in Ludwigshafen, Flicka won the Open Class and thus finished her first adult title - German Champion (VDH).

April 4, 2009

At interntl show in Wieselburg, Flicka won the Open Class and earned her 3rd CACA ticket. But that was it - again, a judge from Slovenia preferred east-European dogs.

March 07, 2009

At the intern’tl show in Graz, we became the victims of the East-European connection: under a judge from Slovenia, all tickets were awarded to dogs from Slovenia/ Croatia etc. even though the dogs were lower quality (particularly the trimming in some cases). We have to think for the future if showing under East-European judges actually is worth the effort.

Feb 23, 2009

On the weekend, we travelled to Fribourg/ Switzerland with Bingo and Perla. That gave us 2x 2 chances for the CACIB ticket where one each would have been sufficient to complete the Int Ch. But we got -- NOTHING.

Jan 17, 2009

We had a great start into show year 2009 at the Int All-Breed Show in Nuremberg for uncle “Muffin (Downtown Dulce Mafioso) and niece “News” (Deacon Brodie’s Who Knows?): News won the CACIB against a good competition; and Muffin not only beat his niece, but also a bunch of successful young dogs showing that he can still compete and won the BOB.
BTW: we did not show two other girls (Jay and Flicka) because they were in heat. While the new VDH regulations would allow that now, I consider this rule a failure and will continue to keep bitches in heat at home - as a matter of fairness for dogs and their owners - and rather forget about the entry fees paid potentially.

Dec 14, 2008

At the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship show in Long Beach, CA, our dear friend and mentor Miriam (Buffy) Stamm (Anstamm) was honoured by the AKC by receiving the “Breeder of the Year/ Terrier Group” award. See picture below:

Buffy Breeder of the Year

Very warm congratulations to you - and may you still be with us for many more years!