Mafioso Flicka

2006 - 2020

German Champion (VDH)
German Champion (Club-KfT)
Austrian Champion

German Junior Champion


Mafioso Flicka  16 months old

Flicka2 28.07

Mafioso Flicka  8 months old

Flicka is the result of a quite “complicated” breeding - her father is the US boy Kintyre Who Cares? who visited us for a few weeks just for breeding. Her brother Filipo now lives with his father in Michigan/ USA and only had a short show career over there.

Flicka represented a slightly smaller and more refined version of her mother Bambina - very low to the ground, lots of substance and with a nice elegant head.

In January 2008, with 13 month of age, she won the German Junior Champion title, including some upgraded Res tickets - but who cares.

The transition to the adult classes worked out smoothly: she gained her first tickets for two countries (D, AT) quickly so that the countdown towards those titles already started. And by the end of 2008, she had gathered all necessary tickets for three championships (VDH, club, Austria) where only time is missing. And in May 2009, she finished her first adult title, the German Champion (VDH). In Oct. 2009, she added the Austrian Champion title. And after one year show brake, she completed her German club champion easily.

Flicka had three litters after Charlie - the first one a big loitter of five where we kept Tina, the second one with two of which one unfortunately died and we kept Lillifee and lastly a singleton Zampalou which we also kept at home. As you can see, she had a significant impact on our breeding program.

Her character was very strong, and so she easily took on the role of her late grandmother Bonnie as the undisputed leader of the pack - even at a high age.
And she was tough - surviving a ruptured pyometra in 2016, a mamma tumor in 2018. At the end of 2019, she was diagnosed with bladder cancer which later became metastatic and led to her death - at the good age of over 13.5 years.

She continues to live in her children, but very much in our hearts.

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