Mafioso Lillifee

born Sept. 30, 2011

Club Junior Winner Switzerland
Club Junior Winner Austria

IMG_2755 P1030369

Lilly is now the pet in our team. She is a full sister to Tina, which means also a daughter of Charlie and Flicka. She is a little biggger than her sister, but end even more, she got a lot of substance and is very low to the ground! But nevertheless, she has a fine and elegant headpiece and a lot of self-esteem and temperament.

In May 2012, she started her show career in puppy class winning Best Puppy in Show.

In Germany, she initially had a hard time starting in Junior Class. But she gained the Club Junior Winner titles in both, Switzerland and Austria.

But then, out of nowhere, she started to “hate” shows. As we don’t force our dogs to be showdogs (even if the are pretty), we left her enjoy life at home.
And she turned out to be a very good mother - both litters she had so far very nice.

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