Mafioso Valentina

born April 24, 2010

KfT Junior Champion
Swiss Junior Champion

German Champion (KfT)
German Champion (VDH)
Austrian Champion

Bundes Winner Austria
Austrian (ÖKfT) Club Winner
Austrian (ÖKfT) Club Champion

IMG_0251 IMG_0257

Tina wasis the daughter of Charlie and Flicka, that means she is strongly bred on American blood lines. But she is also a proof that many opinions of American Scotties are plainly just wrong: she got a lot of substance and is very low to the ground. Nevertheless she got a very nice headpiece, fine and elegant, with a very typical and unique look; and she displays a lot of self-confidence and temperament.

In January, she started her show career in puppy class, and she presented herself very promising.

Junior Class was a permanent up and down - sometimes first, sometimes last, just very strange. But she got also some outstanding results, including 4th place at the Worls Dog Show in Paris under breeder/judge John Gaskell.

As an adult, this up-and-down continued. But nevertheless she gained a number of prestiguous titles. And for us, she is just a wonderful bitch in any case.

I also want to report on her personal interest: she is a big hunter and desperately loves to run in lure coursing events. I always bring her to the Offenburg show so that she can participate in the racing there (even between breed judging and the main ring!). She can hardly stand the waiting time, screeming continuously, and really wants to run again and again!

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