Mafioso Zampalou

born Nov. 21, 2013

German Champion (KfT)
Austrian Champion

Bundes Junior Winner
Swiss Club Junior Winner

Lulu 2.11.14-2 Lulu 2.11

Zampalou (often also called just “Lue-Lue”) was a another singleton, and he caused a lot of problems because he stopped eating for 3 weeks as a baby - and all breeder likely understand that it is sooo difficult to sell them although we cannot really use him in our breeding program.

In the meantime, the little boy is grown to a handsome young man, with strong bone and substance, very low to the ground.

He has a very strong character - which probably helped him to survive in difficult times.

His start into his show career in 2014 was mixed. On one hand, his temperament is difficult to control, particularly on the table. On the other hand, his substance received very different appraisals by judges: some liked it very much, others found him too heavy.

Nevertheless, he was able to gain two titles before reaching the age of 1 year. And we are very hopeful for his show career to come.

After a few mediocre years (and also as he had to step back after is very successful cousin Mabuse) he gained the title of German Champion (KfT) in 2017.

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