News 2007

Dec. 08, 2007

Our last show of the year, the internat’l show in Kassel, did not end so lucky: Flicka got only 3rd in Junior class. So she has to make the next attempt to become German Junior Champion next year.

Overall, the show year 2007 was quite successful for us. Here is a short summary of our results:

Anstamm Aftershock
  5x shown 1x BOB; 2x Best Veteran in Show

Downtown Dulce Mafioso
  14x shown; 3x BOB
  Intern. Champion
  Austrian Champion
  Swiss Champion
  Res. Club Winner (D)

Mafioso Bambina
  3x shown, 1x VDH

Mafioso Bingo Boy
  7x shown, 1x CACIB, 1x BOB
  Swiss Champion

Mafioso Perla
  29x shown 19x V1, 16x CAC, 2x CACIB, 3x BOB
  German Champion (Club)
  German Champion (VDH)
  Austrian Champion
  Club Winner Austria

Mafioso Flicka
  11x shown (Junior Class), 3x Junior CAC

Dec. 02, 2007
Dec. 01, 2007

Show weekend in Wels/ Austria with two international shows. We showed Flicka and Perla with mixed results: while Flicka only achieved two 3rd places in junior class, Perla won the champion class both days, but was also beaten twice for the CACIB ticket (reserve only). But with the two tickets from champion class, she finished the Austrian Champion title, her 3rd championship title this year!

Nov. 11, 2007

International Show in Stuttgart - yesterday was OK, today was optimal! Flicka won the junior class and got her first full junior ticket - it works! And Perle was BOB again and won another CACIB ticket.

Nov. 10, 2007

National show in Stuttgart: Flicka was -again- 2nd in junior class. But Perle did it today - she was 1st, got the ticket and went BOB. And with that ticket, she finished the German Champion (VDH)!

Oct. 28, 2007

A visit at my hometown Hannover and the International Show - but not too good results with both, Flicka and Perla only 2nd in their classes. At least, Flicka got her reserve ticket upgraded. But some time soon, I’d like to get a full ticket for her!

Oct. 21, 2007

Show weekend in Dermbach/ Thuringia: Flicka was shown in Junior class and became 3rd on Saturday and 2nd on Sunday - with an upgraded junior CC. Bailey was Best Veteran in Show on Saturday. Muffin joined in on Sunday, but was already beaten in his class although in best condition and presentation.
Overall a nice show, but with unexpected results.

Oct. 12, 2007

We showed our baby “Flicka” to judge Dan Ericsson at the National Show in Dortmund. She behaved very well, also her “table manners” improved and so she received an Exc. 3 placement in a class of 8 young bitches (the biggest class of all). In his critique Dan wrote: overall a very nice bitch!

Sept. 29, 2007

The big show weekend in Austria. At the Austrian Bundes Winner show on Sunday, Mr. Muffin won the champion class, but gained noo title. Perla was only 3rd in her class.
At the Austrian Terrier Club show, we only presented Perla (Muffin was Club Winner last year already). She was 3rd again, but due to the owners of the first two bitches not being club members, she nevertheless gained the title Austrian Club Winner.

Sept. 22, 2007

At her debut in Junior at the terrier show in Merchweiler, Flicka was not so lucky - she was 2nd in Junior class only.

Sept. 9, 2007

We visited Switzerland and the show of the Swiss Terrier Club. The show was well organized on the properties of a horse club - and nice weather, too. The judging team was very international. Mrs. Heidecker from Austria gave Perla the 1st place and the CAC and awarded her the BOB. The second to the last step towards her Swiss Championship.

Sept. 2, 2007

On the second show day in Thuringia, we were back in the competition again - with some very nice results. While Mr. Muffin was only 2nd in his class, Perla, first time out in the Champion Class, won the CAC. Highlight was again our Bailey who, with over 9 years of age, beat 19 Scotties and became Best of Breed! And in the main ring, he performed very well too and ended among the top 3 short-legged terriers in a very tough competition. A very busy day for the old boy, but he did really well until the end of a long day.

Sept. 1 , 2007

Annual Scottie-Special with judge Kari J├Ąrvinen from Finland in Thuringia. As I was the organizer and also Ring Steward, I could only show Bailey (Anstamm Aftershock) in Veteran Class. In the breed, he did really well and missed BOS very closely (according to the judge). But in the main ring, he showed at his best again and became Best Veteran in Show (all terrier breeds)

Aug. 26, 2007

Show weekend in Innsbruck/ Austria. At the International Show on Saturday, Bingo only became 2nd and has to go again for another CACIB ticket. Perla won the open class and got the CAC and ResCACIB tickets. On Sunday, at the National Show, Perla won the CAC ticket again and only needs to wait for the time to finish her Austrian title. Flicka made her debut in Junior class. She behaved very nicely in the ring, but was horrible on the table. This needs some significant training! But she ended up with Exc. 2 anyway.

Aug. 19, 2007

At the annual Club Winner Show organized by the Klub f├╝r Terrier (KfT), we showed four dogs.
Bailey was the only veteran Scottie shown and earned a lot of compliments (“he looks just as nice as four years ago”).
Flicka was the only Scottie puppy, received a Very Promising rating despite her behavior on the table and became Best Puppy 4 (all breeds) in the main ring.
Mr. Muffin won the Champion class, but was the beaten for Club Winner and only went Reserve.
Perla won the Open Class, but that was it.
For a winner title, we have to try again next year.

Aug. 12, 2007

At the Intern. all-breed show in Ludwigshafen, we tried to finish the VDH Champion titles for two bitches (Bambina & Perla) who both miss only one ticket. But we failed - as both won the Res only. So we have to try next time.

Aug. 05, 2007

While we were not so happy overall with the results at the Terrier show in Mainz (Flicka was only rated “promising” in puppy class and Perla only 2nd in open class - in spite of an “enthusiastic” critique), we could nevertheless celebrate a nice title win: with her Res CAC ticket, Perla completed her German Champion (KfT) at the minimal age of 27 months.

July 21, 2007

We visited the Intern’tl show in Oberwart (Austria) with three dogs. Both Bingo and Bambina missed there necessary CAC-IB ticket. At least, Bingo won the Res ticket and Bambina won the champion class. But our Perla had a great day - she won her 3rd Austrian ticket and her first international CAC-IB ticket!

June 30, 2007

At the National Show in Bulle/ Switzerland, Mr. Muffin wins the CAC ticket and thus completes the Swiss Champion title. He also became BOB. Perla won the Open Class and her 2nd Swiss CAC ticket.

June 20, 2007

Puppies are born after Bingo, in the kennel Deacon Brodie’s (Mona Riedl). More details under Puppies.

June 17, 2007

At the Terrier show at Possen, Perla was only 3rd in Open - to bad.

June 16, 2007

At the National Show in Dresden, Bambina won the Champion Class, the VDH and Res CAC tickets. Perla was only 2nd in Open and missed the tickets.

June 9, 2007

At the terrier show in Asse, Perla won her 5th CAC ticket. Muffin was shown in Honor Class for the first time and became BOB.

June 7, 2007

At the terrier show in Reinheim/ Darmstadt, things did not go so well for Perla - she was only 4th in her class. But we also celebrated our Baby’s (Flicka) ring debut. She showed really well for me (except on the table at the teeth check) and had a lot of fun. And by the way, she received a “Very Promising” rating.

June 4, 2007

Shocker has puppies in the kennel “vom Filstal” (Doris Kiemele) - 6 black babies.
The dam is Reba Victis (Club Junior Winner 2003)

June 3, 2007

At the Terrier show in D├╝sseldorf, Perla wins her 4th CAC ticket.

June 2, 2006

Today, Filou left our house to his new owners. He found a new friend there, a Canadian Shepherd named Donald who already got Scottie experience. It was love at first sight:

Filou&Don 01   Filou&Don 02     Filou&Don 03

May 26, 2007

At the Terrier show in Eilenburg, Perla wins her 3rd CAC ticket.

May 21, 2007

I traveled to the US for almost a week. First, I delivered Filipo to his new owner, Joanne Kinelly (Kintyre). We also presented him at Anstamm to Cindy Cooke and Buffy Stamm (she was 85 this year and is still in really good health) and everybody was really excited about him.

Then we traveled to Kansas City for a show weekend. I had the honor and the pleasure to judge the Sweepstakes at the Heart of America Scottish Terrier Club Specialty with 18 dogs entered. It was great fun, particularly due to the wonderful hospitality by the club members and exhibitors.

May 13, 2007

Show weekend (International) in St. Gallen/ Switzerland. I showed Mr. Muffin both days, but he, unfortunately, got the Res CAC tickets only, so he missed to complete his Swiss Champion title. Bingo only showed Sunday, received only the Res CAC, too, but as it will be upgraded, he still completed his Swiss Champion title.

May 05, 2007

We showed at one of the highlights of the year shows: the VDH European Winner show in Dortmund - with limited success: both Mr. Muffin and Perla were 2nd in their classes, i.e. champion class dogs for Muffin and open class bitches. But in hindsight, especially Perla’s result was not too bad either: 2nd out of 8 bitches in the class, as the 2nd youngest and a Reserve that counts as full one in Dortmund!

May 01, 2007

At the terrier show in Ludwigshafen, Perla wins the strong Open Class and the CAC ticket.

April 22, 2007

At the terrier show in Hattingen, we presented three dogs to breed specialist Siw Jernhake from Sweden: Bailey won the veteran’s class and also became Best Veteran in Show (no big deal, as he was the only one), Muffin won the dog CC and Perla became 4th place in her class.

April 14, 2007

Girl’s day at the Intern’tl show in Wieselburg/ Austria: Perla, first time out in Open Class, won the class, CACA and ResCACIB tickets. The CACIB ticket also remained in the “family” won by Downtown Whitney Houston (own. Mona Riedl), Muffin’s full sister who also completed her Austrian Champion title with this win. The boy, Bingo, wasn’t that lucky, as he won - nothing.

April 01, 2007

A first visit this year to a Local Terrier show - with relatively nice results: Mr. Muffin won the dog CAC, and Perla won her class and thus another VDH-ticket

March 10, 2007

Eventually, we succeeded in the third attempt: at the intern. all-breed show in Graz/ Austria, Mr. Muffin won the CACIB and BOB and thus completed his International Champion title as well as the Austrian Champion title. We also showed Bingo who won the champion class.

March 03, 2007

Unfortunately, the second try was a miss, too: Muffin was only placed 2nd in his class, thus missing the CACIB.

Feb. 11, 2007

Our first attempt to finish Muffin’s Int. Ch title unfortunately failed in Fribourg/ Switzerland: he only received the Reserve ticket. But as Perla won her first CAC ticket in Switzerland, it was worth the trip anyway.

Jan 13, 2007

We had a very good start into show year 2007: at the intern. all-breed show in Nuremberg, Bingo won the CAC/IB-ticket and became BOB; Perla won the intermediate class and another ticket towards VDH championship.