Anstamm Aftershock

1998 - 2011

International Champion
USA Champion
German Champion (VDH)
German Champion (KfT)
Austrian Champion
Swiss Champion
Luxembourg Champion
Belgian Champion
Austrian Veteran Champion
German Veteran Champion (VDH)

VDH Europasieger & BOB 2000 & 2001
Bundessieger Germany & BOB 2002
Bundessieger Austria & BOB 2001
Club Winner Germany 2000
Club Winner Austria & BOB 2001
Club Winner Switzerland & BIS 2001 & 2002
Belgian Top Terrier & BOB 2003

BOB Scottie Special Germany 2000
Winner Austrian Scottie Trophy 2001
2nd German Scottie Trophy 2002


Bailey is a typical Anstamm dog line-bred to some of the most successful stud dogs in the USA (A. Summer Lightning, A. Happy Venture) - and he is the ancestor of our breeding program. All our current dogs more or less go back on him.

He had a perfect size and proportions, was low to the ground, with strong bone, lots behind his tail of perfect shape. He got an elegant neck with correct length, but most of all it’s his head which impresses: long, clean, with a perfect full bite and remarkably small, dark eyes which give him a unique expression.

After coming to us as a young American Champion from the Anstamm Kennels Christmas 1999, Bailey had a remarkable show career making him one of the most successful Scottish Terriers in Europe.

In addition to his many championship and Winner titles, he won 50 CCs, 22 CAC-IB, 46 BOB, 14 BOS, 20 Group placements, 7 G1 (5 BIS Terrier Specialty), 1 ResBIS All Breed.

Starting July 2005, he continued his career - now as a veteran. At the international all-breed show in Oberwart/Austria he was BIS-3 veteran. And at the prestigious Austrian Bundes Winner show in Tulln he won BIS Veteran/ all breeds as well as BIS Veteran Terrier at the Austrian Terrier Club show the next day. An he can even compete as a veteran with the younger show dogs, demonstrated by his BOB wins over significant entries, like in Leipzig or Possen with over 9 years of age.

Bailey only produced a limited number of litters, but his offspring is exceptionally successful in the show ring. These are in particular:

and the grandchildren

But last but not least, he was a very friendly and lovely house dog, too, living happily with us and the rest of the Mafioso clan from the first day he entered our home.

November 2009, he was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma - a very agressive cancer disease which leads to death within 4-6 weeks if untreated. We decided to put him on chemotherapy after the animal hospital in Hofheim (specialised on cancer) assured us that dogs usually can handle chemo relatively well. He received the treatment for 5 months initially - and the cancer disappeared. We knew, however, that the cancer would return sooner or later. And this was the case at the turn of the year 2010. Additional treatments helped him to maintain a good quality of life, but at the end of February he really felt bad and we had to put him down.

But nevertheless we consider this episode a success: it gave him additional 15 months of quality life (as opposed to 6 weeks if untreated). And during those 15 months he continued to live like he has always been: a wonderful old gentleman! !

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