Mafioso Bingo Boy

2003 - 2016

German Champion (VDH)
German Champion (KfT)
Austrian Champion
Swiss Champion
Luxembourg Champion

German Veteran Champion (VDH)
German Veteran Champion (KfT)

German Junior Champion
Austrian Junior Champion

D08023-19x Bingo 15.03.0604
Bingo Face 28.07.0403
Bingo 28.07.0403

Bingo at 9 months

Bingo was from the last litter of our Bonnie, by Lucia’s Dream Shockproof, a Bailey son. We had decided to keep both him and his sister Bambina before we knew that Bonnie had to leave us soon after.

Bingo was a really exceptional boys: firstly because of his strenth and vitality. He moved like a dream (see him on the Video in the VDH-documentation). But secondly because of his character - strong and confident, which made him the undisputed boss of our pack as well as the best “father” for all litters we had.

Bingo was a big boy, very deep and low, with heavy bone. And he carried this wonderful clean headpiece we are paying so much attention for.

After two successful appearances in puppy class, he started his show career in August 2004. Bingo was immediately quite successful and finished his Junior Champion title in early November with just over one year of age. In March 2005, he also became Austrian Junior Champion.

The transition to the adult classes also worked well. At the age of only 28 months he finished his German Champion (VDH) title and the Austrian Champion title within just one week. And with 2 1/2 yrs., he added the German Champion (Club) title to his record.

But then, there was a break in his show career as he lost his wonderful coat quality due to unknown reasons. But in 2008, after almost two years, his coat came back (a mystery) and we started to show him again- and we were convinced with success because of his overall qualities.

And it actually proved to be true: in autumn 2008, he became Luxembourg Champion, and after a couple of tries, we won his 3rd CACIB ticket in Austria and also became BOB. Unfortunately,he did not complete his Intern’tl Champion title.

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