Mafioso Anstamm’s Bonnie

1998 - 2004

International Champion
German Champion (VDH)
German Champion (KfT)
Austrian Champion

Bonnie was from the first litter of our Anstamm foundation Bitch Anstamm Animation by Mafioso Tango, combining our previous breeding and the new line.

She was a very strong bitch, on the bigger side,  black brindle, with perfect bone and angulations which give her a unique possibility to walk “on the tips of her toes”, loved by judges. She had a long and clean head and high-set ears and her expression was that of a very serious diehard.

Bonnie had a very strong and special character which easily made her the boss of the pack. She free-whelped two lovely litters and raised their puppies in a very natural way with extremely good instincts.

Unfortunately, she left us shortly after her second litter at a relatively young age, but she continues to live in our hearts via her three kids Uni, Bingo and Bambina which remind us so much of her an many aspects

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