Mafioso Perla

April 8,  2005 -
Dec. 29.2014

German Champion (KfT)
German Champion (VDH)
Austrian Champion
Swiss Champion

Austrian Club Winner
German Junior Champion (KfT)
KfT Club Junior Winner

Perla 15.03.0602

Mafioso Perla 03/2008 almost 3 yrs. old

Mafioso Perla at 11 months

Perla was the second youngest member of our clan, but certainly one of the wildest. In this respect, she inherited the character of her mother Nöle, our clan animator, completely.

Perla was line-bred to our foundation male Anstamm Aftershock, blending in English and Swedish (Raglan) blood thanks to our cooperation with it Betty Smit-Kamerbeek’s Lucia’s Dream kennel. Perla was a deep and strong bitch with lots of bone and correct proportions. Her headpiece was very elegant and she had this keen expression we are aiming for.

Perla started he show career in puppy class in 2005, winning BIS-2 puppy at an all-terrier breed show. In 2006  she started very successfully in junior class and completed her Junior Champion title at only 13 months of age. And in August, she won the Club Junior Winner 2006 title.

Immediately with 15 months, she moved into intermediate class. And at her first two shows she won the VDH ticket twice and a CAC and a Res CAC ticket.

And her career continued that way - in August 2007, she gained the German Champion (KfT) title with the minimum age of 27 months. In November, she finished the second German Champion title (VDH) followed by the Austrian Champion title in December - completing a very successful 2007 for her.

In 2008, she had a good start as well earning her 7th title with the Swiss Champion title. At the endof the year, she had earned 3 CACIBs in 2 countries - almost finished. 2009, we were chasing th last CACIB in the 3rd country - particularly in Switzerland. But no success.

Perla died quietly in her sleeping bed from a bleeding spleen cancer. She was a very special, lovely character - and that’s how we will always remember her.

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