News 2016


Here is a summary of our show year 2016
(we visited 20 shows):

Maryscot Swing Man
  3x shown (2x abroad),  Veteranen only
  VDH-Veteranen-European Winner, Double-Veteran-Club Winner AT

Deacon Brodie’s Swinging Cindy
  4x shown (2x abroad), 2x CACA
  Club Winner AT

Mafioso Zampalou
  3x shown (1x abroad), 1x CAC-L

Mafioso Mabuse
  17x shown (5x abroad), 3x Intermediate-, 12x Open, 2x Champion Class, 8x CAC, 9x VDH-CAC
  German Champion (VDH), German Champion (KfT)


We showed Mabuse at the two shows in Kassel.
While he only got Reserve both days (behind the same dog), he nevertheless finished his next title German Champion (KfT) because he alredy dot enough full tickets and the Reserve just completed the one year timeframe.


P-H-Clieves-22-09-2015-IMG-6672We had to say good-bye to our oldest girl N├Âle. Within just a week (only, but that’s good), she lost all her strengths. Diagnosis: cancer all over the place.

We will never forget this happy liitle goblin.


P-H-Clieves-22-09-2015-IMG-6611Our lovely and peculiar Bambi turned 13 years today. We are so happy that you are still doing well - but your brother Bingo was also very healthy until shortly before he died.


Charlie celebrated his 11th birthday. He still is a wonderful old pal - with not a single grey hair. In his age, he just is a little slower and he is wiser and more settled. In the meantime, he can even run with the other boys without starting a fight.


On Oct. 14 & 16, we took Mabuse out to the two Dortmund shows (Intern. and Bundes Winner). The event was a sad one in terms of dogs shown: only 10 and 9 resp. Scotties were presented - an absolute low for any year I remember.

Mabuse did relatively well: he won the Open Class and ended up with Reserve Tickets both days, always loosing against the same Russian boy.


On Oct. 3. four black puppies were born in our house. Proud (and very caring) mother is Lilly, the father is Mabuse.

The puppies (1 boy and 3 girls) are very strong and healthy.


We had a nice weekend in Leipzig with the two boys.
As both have to be shown in Open Calss, we split the entries:
On Saturday, Zampalou was 2nd wit a ResVDH ticket only.
On Sunday, at the German Winner Show, Mabuse did better and was 1st in Open Class (completing is German Champion (VDH) title) and gained the ResCAC/IB tickets, only beaten by the later BOB dog while winning over a number of prominent competitors.
And as the tickets are also upgraded (the winner finished his titles already), I was quite happy with his performance.


We went to the German Terrier Club Winner show with Mabuse.
He won the strong Open Class, but ended up with Reserve only.

This was the 5th Reserve Title at that show over the last couple of years - too bad.


Ab Flicka 20062007 alle 002We had to say Good-bye to our oldest boy Bingo.
While he still was even at his age the undisputed boss of the pack due to chracter and vitality, he developed bone cancer which developed very quickly over just a few weeks. He tried to manage this situation bravely, without any sign of pain, but in the end, he just remained in his bed it seemed very unhappy. So we decided to let him go.


We visited the Austrian Club Winner Show in Wittau near Vienna with 3 dogs.
Judging wasn’t quite what we expected.
Mabuse went home without a title, Cindy became Club Winner on day one and Charlie was Club Veteran Winner both days.


We visited Aarau/ Switzerland in an aatempt to get a CACIB ticket for Mabuse.
The weather was “so-so” - it was only raining when the Scotties were judged- but the showgroound was a mud hole and the organisation, particularly parking, was very bad.
Mabuse won the Open Class and, after I had to fight off an agressive dog from Intermediate Class which got loose, unfortunately only won the ResCACIB ticket.
So we’ll give it another try.


We visited the International in Saarbr├╝cken wit two dogs (mother and son) - we just went one day, keeping things more easy.

Mabuse won the Open Class and received all Reserve tickets (CAC-CACIB) which are upgraded to full because the dog winner (and later BOB) is already a multiple champion and was shown “just for fun” (for whatever reason).
While it makes a lot of fun to present him, I have to step back a little bit now as he already got all required championship tickets in Germany and only the required time is not completed. And we want to behave in “good sportsmanship”.

Cindy presented herself very nicely with wonderful attitude, but she only got the 2nd place in Chapion Class.
But this is completely OK as she was not in her best coat condition and thus looked a bit odd.


Our second chance in Dortmund was equally bad: Mabuse lost again against the same dog as the day before. And this time, the critique by the (unknown) Russion judge was really starnge: Mabuse is too big, too high on his legs and doesn’t walk properly.
Such a critique for a relatively small, very deep dog which walks like clockwork??
I wonder if he mixed up the dogs in the ring.
Cindy went 2nd in Champion Class, a result I can easily accept behind the very nice BOB bitch.

At the end of the two days, I can only say: Dortmund is not a nice place for us (just remembering last year).


We visited with the young (Mabuse) and the old boy (Charlie) the VDH-European Winner Show in Dortmund.
Charlie had a lot of fun with 10,5 years of age, got a very nice critique and won the VDH European Veteran Winner title for the second time (after 2014).

The judging of the males was a big desaster for Mabuse. To the big surprise for all spectators (mainly breeders) he ended up on the last place. And the critique of the judge Dan Ericsson did not at all resemble who myself and others see in this dog.
I wonder if there is something personal...?


We visited the double show in Ludwigshafen and showed the boys - separately, as they both have to be in Open Class now.
On Saturday, Zampalou gained the Res-CAC ticket (only), and on Sunday, Mabuse gained the full CAC-ticket.


Heute wurde Muffin 12 Jahre alt - our 4th (living) dog with more than 12 years of age.
And he is still very lively and happy.


I went to Luxembourg to the Terrier show with both boys, Zampalou and Mabuse - actually the last time, I can show them parallel as Mabuse turns 2 years this week and has to move to Open Class, too.
Results were quite good: both boys earned the Lux. CC-ticket.


Mabuse’s 2nd show in Hamm was (relatively) successful, too: he won the Intermediate Class over strong competion, but unfortunately he didn’t get a CAC ticket later.
The owner of his sire, Gerda van Stuivenberg, had the opportunity to see him for the first time - and she was really impressed!


The start into show year 2016 was extraordinarily successful.
We showed our young boy Mabuse at the international all-breed show in Offenburg.
Presented in intermediate class, the 22 old youngster won the CAC/IB tickets and went BOB over 24 dogs.
And finally in the main ring, he went on to become BIG-3!