Mafioso Mabuse

born April 29, 2014

German Junior Champion (KfT)
German Junior Champion (VDH)
Bundes Junior Winner Austria
4th Junior Class World Dog Show Milano

FCI International Champion
German Champion (KfT)
German Champion (VDH)
Austrian Champion

German Club Winner
Bundes Winner Germany

D15003-33x MabuseWeb

at the age of 8,5 months

at the age of 10,5 months

Mabuse is an outcross breeding with a very interesting pedigree (see below) which turned out as a very nice boy.
His conformation is just excellent and he is also a very lovely and self-confident character
(despite the fact that he destroys a lot of things in our house)

He showed up in the ring in puppy class in January 2015 and impressed everybody who saw him.
And then, he completed the German Junior Champion title in his first 4 shows within 3 weeks!
And shortly later, he added the second German Junior Champion title to his record.

In Austria, he became Bundes Junior Winner (and BOB from Junior Class!) at the Austrian top event!

After such a good performance as a junior, we moved him up to Intermediate Class pretty early - and he started very successfully there as well.
To-date with just over 2 years of age, in his 10 shows, he gained 8 VDH-tickets (6 at intern./ national shows), 4 KfT-tickets and 2 CACIB-tickets.

And at the International in Offenburg, he even was BOB and BIG-3!

And at the minimum age of 27 months, he completed his first adult title becoming German Champion (VDH).

And in July 2017, he became Club Winner at the German Terrier Club annual club sho, and in August he also became FCI International Champion.

We'll see how his career will continue - we are very hopeful.

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