Mafioso Nöle

2003 - 2016


Mafioso Nöle as a senior (12 years)

Mafioso Nöle at 20 months

Mafioso Nöle at 9 months

Nöle was another 3rd generation bitch from our Anstamm dogs, after Lucia’s Dream Shockproof and Jay.

She strongly went back to Bailey, but also included English bloodlines via her father. She was a strong bitch with heavy bones, very deep, with a perfect front and top line. But she inherited her clean head from her grandfather Her lovely and friendly temperament really pleased everybody, particularly when visitors came to our house. And she was also very easy to train which made her the amateur agility dog in our team.

In 2004, Noele had a very nice start into her show career: she took the Junior CC over 6 bitches at the terrier show in Haan-Gruiten under breeder/judge Ilse Freerksen. But then, it turned out that she was not the perfect show dog, so she was not shown frequently.

But her qualities as a brood bitch were just wonderful; her first litter produced Perle who had a very successfull show career. But most of all, she inherited her lovely temperament to all her kids. Isn’t that the most important asset?

In October, 2010 we had to spay her due to a severe pyometra, so she was then just a happy member of the family and a lot of fun for every vistor in the house.

Early in 2014, she was diagnosed with bladder cancer. But she survived it more than 2.5 years. But late 2016, she degraded rapidly with just a week, and after the diagnosis of multiple tumors (potentially metastasis), we decided to let her go. She reached the wonderful age of 13 yrs 8 months (the 2nd oldest dog in our kennel) - and departure at that age is just the way dog life goes.

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