Deacon Brodie’s Swinging Cindy

born Oct. 13, 2009

Junior Champion Switzerland
Club Junior Winner Switzerland 2010

German Champion (Club-KfT)
Austrian Champion
Club Winner Switzerland 2013
Club Winner Austria 2016

Cindy Head Cindy

Cindy was born at “Deacon Brodie’s” (Mona Riedl) and carries her name after her father (Maryscot Swing Man) and her godmother Cindy Cooke.
But it seems that she was destined to stay with the Mafiosos in the end. First, she is the daughter of Charlie and Whitney who in turn is the daughter of our Shocker. Secondly, she grew up in our house in her first months due to Mona Riedl’s illness. Und finally, she developed such a close friendship with her half-sister Tina (like siblings) that we just didn’t have the heart to separate them. So Mona Riedl eventually decided that she could stay with Hans-Peter Clieves for good.

Cindy always was a very self-confident and completely fearless girl with lots of temperament. She a big sportsgirl, hunter and a “racing scottie”, but she follows our commands very closely.

Her body is structured very nicely and she carries a very typical, elegant headpiece. Initially, she appeared to be a bit on the lighter side so that she didn’t have the biggest success in Junior class. But this changed completely with age, and in the meantime she is a really substantial, yet elegant bitch (I have always known that!). Therefore, she was able to gain CACs from Intermediate Class over significant competition.

And in 2012, she continued her career by gaining the German Champion (Club) title in very few shows. In 2013, she also gained the Austrian Champion title-

In the meantime she got two litters, and she proved to be just a perfect brood bitch: free whelping and raising her pups nicely and naturally. And most importantly, it looks like she inherits her wonderful character to all her kids!

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