News 2013


After getting over all the problems, we can now announce that we have a new puppy - a little boy - “working name” Zampalou.

He was born on Oct. 21, so he is almost 8 weeks old to-date. As we had to take care of him so much over 3 weeks, he will stay in our house.

Details can be found on the Puppies page


And here is a summary of our show year 2013 (we were only at 12 places attending 17 shows):

Downtown Dulce Mafioso
  1x shown in der Veteran Class, 1x Vet-CAC/VDH
  VDH-Veteran Champion

Maryscot Swing Man
  12x shown (8x abroad), Champion Class, Class of Honour and in December in Veterans Class
  5x BOB, Club Winner Switzerland

Mafioso Nugget
  4x shown (2x abroad), 1x CAC

Mafioso Valentina
  10x shown (8x abroad), 4x CACA, 1x CAC-CH, 1xVDH
  Bundes Winner Austria, Club Winner Austria, Austrian Champion, Austrian Club Champion

Deacon Brodie’s Swinging Cindy
  5x shown (only abroad), 3x CAC-A, 1x CAC-CH
  Club Winner Austria, Austrian Champion

Mafioso Lillifee
  11x shown (6x abroad), 2x Junior, otherwise Intermediate Class, 1x JCAC, 2x CAC-CH


We finished the 2013 show year at the international show weekend in Wels/ Austria - with very nice wins:

Charlie was in the Veterans Class for the first time, became Veteran Winner both days and BOB on Saturday
Cindy won the OpenClass both days with the CACA/ ResCACIB tickets and completed the Austrian Champion title
Tina won the Champion Class both days with the CACA/ CACIB tickets


Today, I got the news from Austria, that Tina won two more titles with her win at Tulln:

she finished the Austrian Champion and ÖKfT Club Champion titles!


We visited the Austrian Winner weekend in Tulln with four dogs: Charlie, Lilli, Tina and Cindy.
The shows were dominated by the 6 dogs of O. Baranchikova from Russia who one all there classes except one.
The only dog who could brake the straight was at this time Tina:
she won the CACIB and Bundes Winner title on Friday as well as the Club Winner title on Sunday.


We spent a nice and peaceful weekend at the Swiss Scottish Terrier Club.
With only a small entry, we had very nice results:

On Saturday at the Suisse Terrier Derby we achieved
Charlie (Maryscot Swing Man) Exc 1 Champion Class, BOB and ResBIS
Cindy (Deacon Brodie’s Swinging Cindy) Exc 1 Champion Class
Tina (Mafioso Valentina) Exc 1 Open Class, Best bitch.

On Sunday at the Black & White Club Winner show we achieved
Charlie (Maryscot Swing Man) Exc 1 Champion Class, Club Winner and BOB
Cindy (Deacon Brodie’s Swinging Cindy) Exc 1 Champion Class, Club Winner
Tina (Mafioso Valentina) VG 1 Open Class (she just wanted to move on the wet grass).


D08023-16xToday, we had to say Good Bye to our senior Shocker. After a very healthy life of over 12 years - without being ill once -, he stopped eating 2 days ago and became so weak that he couldn’t walk anymore. To avoid unnecessary suffering at his age, we put him to sleep.


Today, we visited the Terrier show in Gudensberg. An older lady from Norway, who judged all around the world, was invited as the judge.

She demonstrated her worst attitude - not only judging Scotties, but also with the rest of the breeds - an experience that is very common among judges these days.
While she was very nice and friendly to the dogs an their owners, her opinions were arrogant and overestimating her capabilities. Obviously, she wanted to push her personal opinions and rated many dogs with “very good” only, some even with “good”.
Regarding the Scotties I have to say, that her picture may be perhaps please a famous Swedish breeder/ judge (i.e. length of head equals neck equals back), but most other breeders around the world would disagree. 

Accordingly, most Scotties had a too long back and too short neck!
This included our dogs, of course. But in addition to that, we couldn’t see real differences in the dogs she rated “excellent” and which finally competed for BOB.

Finally, I have a small anecdote which describes the “competency” of both judges that weekend clearly:

The first judge elected the Scottie bitch to best short-legged Terrier of the show which she placed only 2nd in her class the day before. And the other judge placed the dog as 2nd in her class (with “very good” rating only) which she also chose as the best short-legged terrier the day before.
I wonder if the evening event on Saturday might have been too much for both of them.


D08023-16xOur Shocker celebrated his 12th birthday today. He is not in his best condition any more - two months ago, we were even afraid that he would not reach his birthday any more. But in the meantime, he recovered somewhat  and even takes his short walks like a really old man. But that’s wheat he deserves. We will take care of him as long as he has an acceptable quality of life.


The first show visit in Germany this year was the Intern. Show in Offenburg. Results were mediocre:
Muffin won the Veterans Class and thus completed the German Veteran Champion title
Tina was 3rd in Open, and
Lilly 2nd witth a VG rating only - she is since Karlsruhe unfortunately very impressed by big buildings.

But the dogs had a lot of fun chasing in the coursing track!!


This was actually our real first show weekend - in wonderful Graz/ Austria!
Our results were mixed:
Nugget won the ticket in Open Class and the ResCACIB
Lilly won the ticket in Junior Class and still kept up her chances to become Austrian Junior Champion
Tina was only 2nd in Open Class - also other people outside and in the ring didn’t agree to
But 2 tickets and a nice dinner with a good friend made it a good weekend anyway.


Today, we planned to attend our first show in 2013 - 4 dogs entered.

But then, everything turned out in a strange way: like always, I didn’t want to show up too early (I am tired of waiting for a long time). Judging was scheduled to start at 10 a.m., according to the Internet, 30 dogs in front of the Scotties.
I arrived at the parking lot at 11 a.m. which should normally have been early enough, when my mobile rang and my friend asked me: “where are you, the Scotties just started?”. As unloading etc. would have taken too long time, I just turned around and drove home.

This was actually the first time in my whole show life that something like that happened to me. But can you tell me how on earth a judge can manage to judge 30 dogs in 5 breeds in one hour (in Germany, with critiques etc.)? Obviously, the show committee didn’t slow him down.