News 2015


And here is a summary of our show year 2015
(we were 22 times on the road, visiting 25 shows):

Maryscot Swing Man
  1x shown (abroad), as a  Veteran
  Lux. Veteran Champion

Mafioso Nugget
  1x shown , 1x CAC

Mafioso Valentina
  1x shown, 1x ResCAC

Deacon Brodie’s Swinging Cindy
  2x shown , 1x CACIB

Mafioso Zampalou
  14x shown (3x abroad), 11x Intermediate, 3x Open Class, 3x CAC, 8x VDH-CAC

Mafioso Mabuse
  23x shown (5x abroad), 2x Puppy, 17x Junior-, 4x Intermediate Class, 9x JCAC/JgVDH, 2x JgCAC-A, 1x CAC, 4x VDH-CAC
  German Junior Champion /Club & VDH), Bundes Junior Winner Austria
  4th place Junior Class at the Wprld Dog Show in Milan


We visted the National Show in Kassel with our two young boys - Mabuse and Zampalou.
Both won their class and then had to compete for the CAC ticket antreten. Mrs. Fischer presented Mabuse (I just gave her the lead) - and he/she won the CAC ticket went BOS!
For Mabuse, this is his first adult CAC ticket and his 4th VDH-ticket at Nat./ Int. shows.
Now, he just needs a “small” VDH ticket (after 09.08.16) to become German Champion.


We visited the Int. Show in Karlsruhe and presented Mabuse to an US-american judge unfortunately not with the results we were hoping for.
Mabuse won his class but did not get anything more.


We went to the main event in Austria (Bundes Winner) with our two young boys.

For Zampalou it was not so good in Intermediate Class: on Saturday, he won the class with an “exc” rating, but the judge withheld the ticket. On Sunday, he was only rated “very good” and placed 2nd.
For Mabuse on the other hand, everything was perfect: on Saturday, Junior ticket, Best Junior and Crufts qualification.
On Sunday, Junior ticket again, Bundes Junior Winner and in the end BOB against stiff competition.

Just a short remark: on both days, the judges in the ring chose the Best Junior, but nevertheless, both juniors (dog and bitch) were entitled to enter the main ring for BIS-Junior. I refusedt to go because it was just too late, but the junior bitch (beaten by Mabuse both days) went BIS-J-3 on Sunday.
OK, it was my own decision to miss the chance, but on the other hand, the Austrian Club should make up their minds with regards to the show rules, particularly when it comes to BIS-Junior.


We went to the KfT-Club Winner Show in Bensheim with 3 dogs - again with unsatisfactory results.

Mabuse was only 4th and last in Junior Class.
Zampalou was 1st (with VDH ticket) in Intermediate Class (without competition)
Tina won Res best bitch (some people call that Res Club Winner - but this does not exist).


At the German Winner Show all-breed international show in Leipzig results were unfortunately not so good.

At the Int. Show on Saturday, Mabuse was shown in intermediate class. He won the class and his second ticket on an int. show - a good start for a 15 month old youngster on his way to German Champion.
Zampalou started in Open Class end was placed 2nd.
On Sunday at German Winner Show, Mabuse was back in Junior Class and ended up 2nd - and missed the title.
Also Zampalou was placed 2nd - this time in Intermediate Classwurde nur zweiter - diesmal in der Zwischenklasse.


We had a successful day at the International show in Ludwigshafen:
Mabuse was shown in intermediate class for the 1st time and won his first VDH ticket;
Zampalou went 2nd in Open and beat dogs that had beaten him before
Cindy won the bitch compoetition and earned her first CACIB ticket.


Despite the heat, or young boys did very well at the Terrier show in Traitsching:
Mabuse won another Junior ticket, and Zampalou earned his 3rd adult ticket on his way to German champion


With our “New Hope” Mabuse we visited the World Dog Show in Milano.

20150613%20-%20World%20dog%20show%20-%20Mabuse_063The English breeder/ judge Margeret (“Laurie”) Herd, kennel “Brueik”, had to judge an entry of 117 Scotties.

Mabuse had to compete against 10 boys in Junior Class (13 entries).
We defined as our optimistic goal to be placed.
And it so happened - Mabuse was chosen among the final 4! And when I looked at the other three competitors, I was even more optimistic!
Finally, he was placed in 4th place - overall a nice result, but regarding the quality of some of the dogs in front of him, I was a bit disappointed for a short time.
But in the end, my satisfaction about a good result prevailed (goal achieved) - paticularly as Mabuse draw he attention of a number of well-known international Scottie breeders.

Some photos of Mabuse in Milano can be found ----> here


A very successful weekend for our promising young boy Mabuse in Saarbr├╝cken:

On Saturday at the International show, he won V1/ JunCAC and was BOB-Junior
On Sunday at the National show same results - V1 JunCAC and BOB-Junior.

With these wins, he finished his secoind title German Junior Champion (VDH) in the shortest time.
And he also received very nice critiques from both judges (on Sunday “publicly” as the judge explained loud to the public)


At the Terrier show in Breitungen, Mabuse got the junior ticket went on to BOB and Best Junior in Show.


After a long time, we showed Nugget again and he got his 4th ticket. He should be able to finish his KfT-German-Champion title some time soon, shouldn’t he?


With a lot of trust and confidence we went to the VDH European Winner show in Dortmund (who believes that he has nice dogs should compete!). But we should have been suspicious due to the low entry number and the fact that the Russian stayed at home as well as the successful Dutch breeders (even though the judge was Dutch) and the French breeder who won on Friday left.
And the result confirmed our aprehensions. Mabuse undeservingly went last in his class, Zampalou received a “Very Good” rating only (like many other dogs which didn’t deseve that at all either).
I always wonder about those exhibitors who won under such judge and obviously liked THAT - while they found all other decisions absolutely unjust. A judge can be either good or bad and his judgements are correct and competent or not - and that applies to both, winners and losers, in the same way.
So nothing but lost expenses, and another judge on the “blacklist”.


We visited the double show in Ludwigshafen and we were quite happy with the results.

On Friday, under breeder/judge Goran Gladic, Mabuse won the Junior ticket and became BOS, Zampalou won the reserve ticket.

On Saturday, under breeder/judge Elsbeth Clerc, Mabuse won the Junior ticket again and Zampalou won his first full adult ticket.
Additionally, Mabuse completed his German Junior Champion (KfT) in four shows within 3 weeks!


Another strange day in Luxembourg at the show of the Lux Terrier Club:
in the beginning, everything was quite normal with Mabuse in Junior Class. ging alles noch ganz normal. While there was a lot of turmoil in the ring - the competitors proved to be very undisciplined again , we were content with Mabuse’s 2nd place, improving by one place compared to 2 weeks ago,

But in the case of Zampalou, a lot of things were very strange. Firstly, Zampalou who generally loves every person growles at the judge. She in turned was so scared that she didn’t dare to examine him on the table - what a fraidy-cat. And then, instead of excusing him in accordance with the FCI show rules, she continued and just gave him a very bad conformation rating (good) because of his behaviour.

It has to be mentioned that all the very undisciplined dogs owned by a French breeder won all titles. Obviously, it was no problem for said judge when dogs got at each other agressively in the ring - but a dog growling on the table was too much for her.
But may be it was just a kind of good judgement of her character from his side?


After a long time, we visited the Int. Show in Luxembourg again - with the young and the old!
Mabuse made his debut in Junior Class and got a 3rd place. I was quite happy - he looked nice and presented himself very well; but there was also a stiff competition. And some breeders and exhibitors looked at him closely and were very pleased.
Charlie was in Veterans Class and presented himself with pride and temperament - even at his age of 9.5 years. He was rewarded with the Luxembourg Veteran Champion title,


We visited the Int. CACIB show Offenburg with Zampalou and Cindy - despite having bad feelings caused by the judge change. And as it turned out, rightly so!
The judge criticized Zampalou’s white spot on the throat (as well as other white markings on his body which I could absolutely not  identify with all efforts) and penalized him for that “failure” with a Very Good rating.
I tried to explain her that this is allowed in the standard and was also never criticized before by all the other judges who saw him. She actually looked up the standard document in the ring (which containes NOTHING regarding white spots), but nevertheless she kept with her opinion. Consequentually, we did not get the ticket we were hoping for which would have been well deserved otherwise looking at the competition (as expected by all other people watching around the ring).

After all these discussions, the judge later chose to penalize me with Cindy by not placing her at all.


At the Terrier show in Lehre, Zampalou was again placed 2nd in his ckass - but admittedly behind a nice dog so that we could easily accept the result.


We visited the shows in Nuremberg (international and Terrier specialty) this weekend. The results were mixed:
Zampalou got reserve only both days. Cindy ended uo on 3rd in her class. Tina got the ResCC on Saturday, but the full CC on Sunday which completed her German Champion (Club) title.
We presented our little boy Mabuse in puppy class both days. He showed very promising and got very nice critiques.
Seems that there as a nice show career ahead for him!