News 2011


Here is a summary of our show year 2011:

Mafioso Bingo Boy
  3x shown in Veteran Class, 3x Vet-CAC/VDH
  German Veteran Champion (VDH), German Veteran Champion (KfT)

Maryscot Swing Man
  8x shown (5x abroad),  Champion Class and Honour Class only
  Austrian Champion ├ľsterreich, Austrian Club Champion
  among the final 6 dogs in Champion Class at the World Dog Show in Paris

Mafioso Nugget
  13x shown (3x abroad), 3x CAC, 6x VDH
  German Champion (VDH)

Mafioso Valentina
  31x shown (12x abroad), 27x Junior Class, 4x Intermediate Class, 8x JCAC
  German Junior Champion (KfT), Swiss Junior Champion
  1x BIS-Junior 3.Platz
  4th place Junior Class at the World Dog Show in Paris

Deacon Brodie’s Swinging Cindy
  21x shown (9x abroad), 2x Junior Class, 15x Intermediate Class, 4x Open Class, 7x CAC (D, AT, CH)


The last show for us this year was Kassel - a national show on Saturday and an international show on Sunday.

Bingo Kassel 2011-2These shows were particularly important for Bingo - and everything worked out fine! He won the Veteran’s tickets both days and is now German Veteran Champion (VDH & KfT). And as he showed really well, this will definitely not be the last time we presented him!

Tina and Cindy were presented as well, but they only earned 2nd and 3rd places. Tina won the Reserve CAC ticket on Saturday, but that is kind of useless in the end.


Again with a big team, we were in Luxemburg this time. Judging was kind of strange, not just for us:

  • Charlie finished Exc 3 in Champion Class
  • Tina was Exc 3 in Intermediate Class
  • Cindy was Exc 4 in Open Class
  • News ended up with Exc 4 in Champion Class

I wasn’t really sure what the judge from Belgium was looking for, but definitely not for our dogs!


With a big team, we visited the Terrier show in Langerwehe. The judge was Peter Green/USA, a judge highly rated all over the world.. The Scotties were judges by his partner, Mrs. Beth Sweigart, though. Unfortunately, our results did npt meet our hopes and expectations:

  • Bingo showed in Veterans Class for the first time, presented himself excellently and with a lot of temperament and received the Veteran tickets
  • Charlie showed in Hpnour Class (without competition), got an Exc. rating, but nothing more. Notwithstanding, he looked very good and very “American”, and Peter Green gave him BOB at a Scottie Specialty in the US some time ago
  • Tina got Exc1 VDH in Intermediate Class (her first adult ticket)
  • News was Exc3 in Champion Class
  • Cindy was Exc2 in der Open Class.

Lots of effort with limited return!


Flicka delivered a single puppy-girl. Mother and child are doing just fine.


On Sunday, the Club Winner Show was organized by the Austrian Terrier Club. Similar mixed results. Tina was only 4th in Hunior Class, Cindy won again and got her 2nd CAC. News ended up last in Champion class again (“anatomically, she is the best dog, but she is lacking the proper coat structure right now” - true). But this time, Whitney won the Veterans and became Austrian Veteran Club Winner.


The show weekend in Tulln is traditionally a fixed date for us. On Saturday, at the Austrian Bundes Winner show, we presented 4 dogs. Tina ended up 2nd in Junior class, Cindy won the Intermediate class and gained her first Austrian CAC. Mona Riedl’s News was only 4th in Champion class and Whitney became 2nd in Veterans class.


Just realized that Nugget completed his German hampion (VDH) title with yesterday’s win.
Thanks to my bookkeeping, I would not have noticed it otherwise.


Off to Bavaria.
first, we visited Topas (now called Jack) in his new home. The little boy already developed very nicely and is a very handsome, happy puppy. He and his family enjoyed the visit of 4 Mafiosi (me and 3 dogs) very much. and after a short period of acclimatization, they all played in the house really wild...
Then, we went to the show in Landshut and had the maximum result. 3 dogs, 3 CC tickets:
Nugget CAC in Open, Cindy CAC in Intermediate, Tina CAC in Junior and also BOB!


The following day, the Black & White Show held by the Scottish Terrier Club Switzerland took place where also the Swiss Club Winner titles are awarded.The judge was Otto Krcal from Austria, a very succesful Skye breeder.

Under him, the results were significantly different from the day before, not just for our dogs: Tina was only 3rd and last in Junior Class, Cindy got the ticket in Intermediate Class (witout competition), but the judge’s report was very critical.. We also showed News who ended up 2nd in Champion Class, but with significant negative points in the report, too.

But at this show, we experienced something that we had never seen in this extent at an official show during our many years in dog shows and that casts a damning light on the correct organization of shows by the Swiss Scottish Terrier Club: 
2 dogs were moved and shown in classes different from their catalog entry. Most likely to increase their odds compared to the day before. And  lo and behold: these dogs won the CAC tickets and both became Club Winners!
I would be interested to see the show report of the Club to the parent club SKG, because this show is not just a fun match or open show, but a show officially sanctioned by the SKG.

Just a little anecdote at the end (which fits quite nicely to the overall picture): when I wanted to pick up my trophy for Cindy’s CAC win (a nice food bowl with a Scottie figure), there was none left. Either the show chair ordered not enough of them or they were given to other people in the meantime - I saw a couple of people walking around with them who didn’t win a CAC ticket as far as I’m concerned.


We visited the show organized by the Schweizer Foxterrier Club, now called Suisse Terrier Derby. We were very curious as the judge was Siv Jernhake from Sweden, a former Scottie breeder and reputated breed specialist.

We were very pleased with the results. Tina got the Junior ticket und thus completed her Swiss Junior Champion title. Cindy won her first adult ticket in Switzerland from intermediate class. But most of all we very pleased about the positive reports from Siv Jernhake who praised the girls in almost every aspect.


Club Winner Show of our parent club KfT in Bensheim: we enterd 3 dogs, but did not show Charlie because he was out of coat. So o Tina and Cindy remained. Tina was 3rd in Junior Class end Cindy won the Intermediate Class (she was by herself). There she got an “Excellent” rating, but nor championship cerificate.

You see this ridiculous approach from time to time, mostly by foreign judges (Scandinavians). But this approach does absolutely follow no logic: how can a judge call “excellent”, i.e. on outstanding specimen of the breed, compared to the standard) and at the same time not entitled to become a Champion (that’s what you express by withholding the certificate)!
Potentially, the foreign judges are not correctly instructed or they have something in mind relating back to the show rulkes at home. Or they are plainly....


We showed 4 dogs at the Scotte-Special 2011. Most of our results were second class:

Charlie was 2nd in Class of Honour
Tina was 2nd in Junior Class
Cindy was 1st in Intermediate Class (but with no competition)
News was 2nd in ChampionClass.

As a little compensation, Charlie and Tina won the Brace (with 2 other braces in competition),
but in the Breeding Group we ended up 2nd again - what else.

But nevertheless, it was a nice and Trotzdem war es ein sch├Ânes und harmonic Scottie Weekend.


P1000101Today, we said Good Bye to our sweet old Jay. The cancer in her hip bone caused problems increasingly, and we didn’t want her to suffer. But she will now re-unite with her dad Bailey and her mom Annie of which she was like a copy in many aspects



At the show of our home club in K├Âppern, Tina completed her KfT Junior Champion title winning her 4th JunCAC. Nugget and Cindy were shown as well. Nugget won the ResCAC and Cindy went 2nd in intermediate class.


We went, as it has become a good tradition, to Oberwart in the south of Austria. A very inexperienced judge ended up with some unexpected results which were not in our favour. At least Charlie got his last CAC ticket and finished his Austrian Champion Title.


We participated at the World Dog Show in Paris!
Dogs were judged by Mr. Kenneth Edh from Sweden - who really did not seem to have a clear plan of what he was doing. Charlie was among the final 6 dogs in Campion classs, but I am not sure if I should be happy or not ...see above.
Bitches were judged by John Gaskell (Mayson) who was absolutely safe and sound in his judgements. So we are very happy that Tina ended up in 4th place in Junior class!


A repetion in Heppenheim -same judge (Goran Gladic), similar competition, but even better results: Tina won the JuniorCAC, Cindy won the adult CAC, only Nugget got nothing as 2nd in his class.


Short visit to the Clubshow of the Terrierclub Switzerland in Arrau. Cindy was 2nd in intermediate class (only beaten by the BOB bitch). Tina won the Junior class and went on to 3rd place in the Junior ring (BISJ-3)!


A home event - the Terrier show in Darmstadt: Nugget got the ResCAC, Tina as well, but my step-daughter Cindy won her first adukt CAC from intermediate class.


Another single puppy boy was born by Perla by Muffin.


Life goes on...At the intern. show in Offenburg, our little girl Tina won her second JunCAC in a row. Nugget was also shown, but was only 2nd in his class. BTW: both Tina and Nugget are grandkids of Bailey!


D08023-05We experienced a sad day today: we had to put down our famous Bailey. Here is a short obit:

Bailey came to us from Cindy Cooke und Buffy Stamm at the age of 17 months. From the first moment, he showed his special character: he marched into the house “without any comment” - passing by our at the time two males Tango and Rio (!!!) and thus made them to accept him from the very start. They never had a fight or even an argument and lived together happily all the time. That was even more so true for his kids and grandkids who loved him and he loved them - regardless if boy or girl.  He was just the perfect gentleman

Nothing needs to be said about his beauty and his show talent - his extraordinary show record across Europe speeks for himself. His most impressive point was his wonderful and extraordinary headpiece which impressed really everybody - even those judges who dared to find some weak points on him otherwise. His head will continue to live in our kennel logo for ever - and hopefully in the heads of all our dogs bred and to be bred.  Particularly, as there is currently not a single dog in our breeding that doesn’t go back to him more or less.


At th Terrier show in Kirchhain, we presented two dogs. The judge (from Poland) didn’t like Nugget at all and gave him a “very good”, only. But she liked Tina a lot, gave her a fantastic critique and 1st place and the junior ticket. BTW, she acte as temperamental and playful in the ring as lasst week. But this time, the judge considered that very positive in case of such a young dog.


WilmaAt the Westminster Kenel Club Show, Charlie’s daughter from Brasil, Dynasty’s BR Dressed To Impress, won the Award of Merit.


Jay2011Today, our oldest girl Jay celebrates her 11th birthday. Jay is out of Annie by Bailey and represents our first “Anstamm-breeding”. She still looks very nice and is in very good health. On the other hand she is as introvert and stubborn as her mother Annie. Therefore, she lives her own life in the tribe. She only gets alert and excited when she sits on a chair by the dinner table and waits for her share - which she will always get, that’s for sure!


Today, we visited the intern. all-breed show in Rheinberg. After solving the parking problems with the unfriendly and gruffy staff, the results turned out to be as bad.
While Nugget was first in intermediate class and got his VDH ticket he did not advance further in the CACIB competition although I personally so him very close to the Reserve. Tina, started for the first time in Juniors - and her judging was just ridiculous!  She showed with self-confidence and full of temperament and received lots of compliments from experienced breeders around the ring. When when she had to walk up und down, she just acted like a 9 month old puppy and wanted to jump and play and had a lot of fun. This made the Austrian judge to give her a “very good” ranking only and the last place “ because she couldn’t judge her uncoordinated movements properly”. I wonder where she had her eyes when we wlked the dogs all together - because then Tina walked abslutely perfectly.

But anyway, the judge made strange decisions in other classes as well. She is just the kind of judge who feels strong about themselves and gives helpful comments (“with ring training she may become a reasonable show dog”), but just proves that breeders understand the breed better than judges (and particularly this one).


We started the 2011 show season at the International in Nuremberg. Results were so-so:

Nugget won his class and got the VDH-ticket, but lost in the CACIB competition
Tina was shown for the first time in puppy class and showed very promising
Cindy unfortunately, got another 2nd place in her class only
Whitney, Shocker’s daughter was the highlight of the day in veterans class. She showed better than ever, and after winning her class, she went on to become BIS-3 Veteran against a lovely competition of 19 dogs in the main ring!!