Mafioso Little Jay

2000 - 2011

German Champion (KfT)
German Junior Champion

Jay was out of our two Anstamm foundation dogs, Bailey and Annie. She was almost a copy of her mother, a small strong package of Scottie power, with every piece of her construction in the right place. She was short, very low to the ground, had perfect angulation and forechest

Her only disadvantage was that she was very stubborn, did not like to walk on the leash (because she wanted to go her own way). This also made it hard to show her, and disappointing, too, particularly when you know what a fast little hunter of rabbits she could be at home in the fields. I was always hoping that some time, I would learn to make her as excited in the ring as well - no way.

Jay gave us two wonderful litters and we kept Noele - who had totally different, very open and funny character.

After she retired, she lived a happy life in our house, but in her own way. Jay am Tisch

And as she was so sweet and lovely, she was allowed to sit on a chair by our dining table every evening and got small bites, for sure, without begging! She knew that one of her very upset looks was just good enough!


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