News 2008

Dec. 31, 2008

Here is a summary of the results we achieved in show year 2008:

Anstamm Aftershock
  3x shown 1x BOB; 1x 2. Best Veteran in Show (Intern. all-breed show Luxembourg)

Downtown Dulce Mafioso
  8x shown, 3x BOB
  Res. Club Winner (D)

Mafioso Bambina
  5x shown, 3x VDH
  German Champion (VDH)

Mafioso Bingo Boy
  6x shown, 1x CACIB, 4x CAC, 1x BOB
  Champion Luxembour

Mafioso Perla
  10x shown (7x abroad); 3x CAC
  Champion Switzerland

Mafioso Flicka
  28x shown (8x Junior Class), 3x Jun CAC, 6x CAC, 7x VDH
  German Junior Champion (Club)

Dec, 14, 2008

At the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship show in Long Beach, CA, our dear friend and mentor Miriam (Buffy) Stamm (Anstamm) was honoured by the AKC by receiving the “Breeder of the Year/ Terrier Group” award. See picture below:

Buffy Breeder of the Year

Very warm congratulations to you - and may you still be with us for many more years!

Dec. 6, 2008

At the intern’l all-breed show in Wels/ Austria we showed Flicka and Bingo (both on Sat only). Flicka, unfortunately, was only 2nd in Open Class. But our Bingo had a real break-through: he won the CACIB ticket and won the breed against strong competition (2 group-winning dogs)!

Nov. 9, 2008

Show weekend in Stuttgart (Sa: national, Su: international show). Flicka was only 2nd in her class both days. But that doesn’t really matter too much because she already got all her certificates for the German titles. For News, it was very “funny”: V3 on Sat (big surprise considering the two placed in front of her), but the a 1st place and ResCAC/ ResCACIB on Sunday. And as the winners bitch is already finished champion, both Res tickets will be upgraded to full CAC/ CACIB.

Nov. 6, 1008

Today, we received the confirmation by the Luxembourg Kennel Club that Bingo really won the Luxemburg Champion title with the upgraded ResCC at the end of September.

Nov. 1, 2008

Visit at my home town Hannover - and the international show there. Flicka was (partially) successful. She won her claas, but that was it. Anyway, the VDH-ticket moved her forward towards her German championship - only time is missing.

Oct. 26, 2008

We visited the show in Weilheim, located in a lovely area of Bavaria. And we could celebrate the maximum result (provided a small entry overall): Flicka won her 4th CAC ticket comin  from the intermediate class and Muffin, entered in Class of Honour, was BOB. Finally, after some suffering in recent weeks, a succesful day after all.

Oct. 18, 2008

Unfortunately, Perla went only ResCACIB at the intern. show in Lausanne (CH). This means that she can not complete her Int Ch title this year.

Sept. 28, 2008

As a long standing tradition, we visited the main Austrian show weekend in Tulln. Two different judges and two very different, partly surprising results.

Saturday at the Bundes Winner show, Muffin won against strong competition in Champion Class, but the only ended up as Res Bundes Winner - he seems to have a deal for Reserve titles only! Bingo was not even placed in Champion Class. Flicka won the Interm. Class, while my step daughter News ranked 3rd only in Open.

Sunday at the Club Winner, Muffin stayed outside - he was Club Winner 2006 already. This time, Bingo won the Champion Class, but did not get the Winner title either. Flicka was only 4th in her class with the same competition. News won the Open Class, but she missed the title as well.

Sept. 14, 2008

We visited the show weekend in Leipzig. Surprisingly, a lot of East-Europeans showed up: 5x Russia, 3x Poland, 2x Czech - more than half of the entries, and all top succesful dogs. Thus, Flicka was only left with 2nd places in her class both days.

Sept. 7, 2008

Intern. all-breed show in Luxembourg again with mixed results. Bailey was beaten for the first time in veteran class, Muffin was not placed in champion and Perla was only 4th in champion. Just Bingo was (relatively) OK: he was 2nd in champion class, and it seems that he may have earned the Luxembourg Champion this way - but we are still waiting for the approval. At least some reward for the effort - hopefully!

Aug. 31, 2008

We showed four dogs at the Club Winner Show of the German Terrier Club - with mediocre results. With the exception of Bailey who was the only veteran, we earned 2nd places only. Muffin was Res Club Winner (now for the 3rd time!), Perla was 2nd in Champion Class, my adopted baby Deacon Brodie’s Who Knows? was Res Club Winner, too - but that may be considered a success as she came from the intermediate class and had to beat serious competition.

Aug. 3, 2008

At the terrier show in Kaiserslautern, Flicka wins her first full CAC ticket (she already got 2 upgraded reserve tickets)
This means, she is on a good way towards her German Club Champion Title.

July 19, 2008

Bailey (Anstamm Aftershock) celebrates his 10th birthday

Still  in wonderful condition, without any visible health issue, with full coat, not gray at all, and a full and perfect mouth. And he is absolutely present in his tribe (as the boss) and in the show ring (as a veteran since a number of years).

D08023-05At this occasion, we want to give a short summary of his exceptional career:

Bailey came to us from Anstamm Kennels (USA) in 1999 at the age of 17 months, already USA-Champion. In the following years 2000 - 2003 we showed him intensively all over Europe and he proved himself as one of the most successful Scotties at that time. He was BOB 50 times, placed in the group ring 20 times and became BIG 7 times. He gained 7 Champion titles as well as 9 Winner titles. Additionally, he went BOB at the 2000 Scottie-Special and won the Austrian Scottie Trophy in 2001.

After his start as a veteran, he became Veteran Champion in Germany and Austria and went BIS Veteran 4 times, where his results as BIS Vet (Tulln) and BIS-2 Vet (Luxembourg) need to be mentioned particularly as these are very big and important shows in Europe. But he can also still compete with the young generations - becoming BOB twice as a veteran!!

While he only sired 4 litters, his influence in the breed in Europe is significant. Particularly in our kennel as well as the Lucia’s Dream kennel of Mrs. Betty Smit-Kamerbeek in The Netherlands, all currently successful dogs go back to him!

But over and above all his successes, Bailey gains the love and attention of everybody who knows him by means of his wonderful, lovely personality. When you look in his unique and impressive face and headpiece (which became the Mafioso kennel logo) you understand what Scottie fascination is all about!!

Thank you so much, Buffy Stamm and Cindy Cooke, for this wonderful and extraordinary boy!!

June 22, 2008

At the Lucerne (CH) show weekend, we were chasing again the 3rd country CACIB ticket for Perla - unfortunately without success. Both judges were looking for a different type: small, short, wide. And that’s definitely not Perla.

June 15, 2008

Show weekend in Erfurt. On Saturday (international show) Flicka won the intermediate class and the Reserve tickets (CAC/IB, the CAC to be upgraded). On Sunday (national), Flicka won the CAC coming from champion class. Flicka was shown in Open Class for the first time and won her class, but lost the Res which would have been upgraded from her mother.

June 8, 2008

The newly established Terrier club “Bergstraße” organized its first show - the show site was really nice and the hospitality and food was great - an interesting addition to the show scene in Germany.
We showed Flicka and Mr. Muffin. Flicka won her class and the Reserve CC. Muffin was BOB (coming from the Class of Honor) and was in the final 4 cut in the group.

June 4, 2008

D08023-11Unfortunately, we had to put down our foundation bitch Annie (Anstamm Animation) shortly before her 12th birthday. Her bladder cancer which did not cause any significant problem for almost a year, had invaded the abdomen and started to cause pain. And we didn’t want to let her suffer - she did not deserve it.

May 31, 2008

The visit to the International in Salzburg was partially successful: Bingo did not get the required CACIB ticket - he only won his class. But Flicka won her first adult ticket and the ResCACIB. The most successful was Shocker’s daughter Downtown Whitney Houston (own. Mona Riedl). She won the CACIB ticket and completed her Intern. Championship. This is the 3rd intern. champion among Shockers kids!

May 24, 2008

As I was at a visit in the US, Corina presented a dog at a dog show for the first time after many years. She could only get a mediocre result for Flicka. For Bambina, Martina Kuhlmey helped to show her - and she was able to receive the necessary VDH ticket (and the ResCACIB) which made here German Champion (VDH). Thank you, Martina!!

May 18, 2008

Show weekend in St. Gall/ Switzerland. We showed Flicka and Perla. The first day was a French day: French exhibitors, French judge, mostly French winners. Day 2 was slightly better. Flicka went (only) 2nd in a big (7 bitches) intermediate class. Perla won the CAC and completed her Swiss Champion title.

May 11, 2008

The project “VDH Junior Champion” for Flicka ended without success as she missed the last ticket at the last possible show in Saarbrücken. Fortunately, Bambina won the VDH ticket and the ResCACIB. Might have been even more, if she did not see “something” outside the ring and started hunting (with hunting signals and all behavior).....

April 27, 2008

Nice summer weekend at the shows in Dresden. On Saturday, Flicka won her class and the tickets so that the clock now starts to tick for both German champion titles. On Sunday, we tried to get the last ticket for the VDH Junior title, but she unfortunately was only second.

April 20, 2008

Terrier show in Limburg. We showed Flicka and Muffin. Flicka was in intermediate class for the first time, but was placed 2nd only. Muffin presented himself, like before, at his best in Honor Class and became BOB.

April 12, 2008

Intern. Show in Wieselburg, Austria: again, Flicka missed with a 2nd place only. But “News” won her class and her 2nd ticket towards Austrian Ch. But it again proved to be very difficult for me to show under judge Peter Machetanz!

April 06, 2008

Double show in Berlin (intern. all-breed on Sat., Terriers on Sun.): both dogs we showed on Saturday only did not get the required results. Perla and Flicka were both Res only. But “News” performed better both days and won her class. On Sunday, she received her first ticket towards German Ch - being the only bitch with a certificate!

March 29, 2008

Visit at the all-breed spring show in Luxembourg with an extraordinary entry of 58 Scotties. Mr. Muffin became 3rd in a strong champion class (including the BOB from Russia). Our “step daughter” News (Deacon Brodie’s Who Knows?) was (only) Reserve in a 11-bitches junior class. The old boy Bailey not only performed very well in the breed ring (many people really enjoyed to see him again after knowing him for such a long time), but later in the main ring, he was the big winner by winning ResBIS-Veteran - and received a huge trophy!

March 19, 2008

On Monday, we had a photo session with a professional photographer at home. The new pictures you’ll find on the respective pages of Bailey, Annie, Shocker, Bingo, Bambina, Mr. Muffin, Perla and Flicka.

March 8, 2008

Complete success at the Intern. Show in Graz/ Austria. Flicka won the junior class and received her first ticket towards the Austrian Jun Champion. Perla won the CACIB ticket and needs to wait now until July 2008 for the last ticket towards Intern Champion. And Flicka’s sister “News” (Deacon Brodie’s Who Knows?) won the her final ticket and is Austrian Junior Champion and received the ResCACIB ticket as well.

March 1, 2008

International show in  Munich with the standard “obstacles” by the location, plus really bad weather from the “Emma” storm this time: Flicka won the junior class and her 2nd VDH ticket. Perla won the ResCACIB, only. At the end of judging, there was a little storm in the ring as well: before the final judging, I had to change dogs. The ring stewards were disorganized and the sportsmanship of the fellow exhibitors was blown away. When I arrived in the ring with Flicka, judging was already finished. Was that “Emma”?

Feb. 23, 2008

In order to pursue the Inter Ch title for Perla, we went to Gent/ Belgium to the international all-breed show. The judge was Mrs. Joyce O’Connor from Ireland. After Perla received two BOBs under prominent Irish judges at the end of last year, we thought she might just be the type for Irish judges and kind of counted on that. Sooo wrong: Perla was the only dog in the competition who received a “Very Good” rating only - which actually represents the first “very good” in her whole show career (she only got “excellents” before).

Jan. 19, 2008

Start in the 2008 show season at the Intern. show in Nuremberg: Flicka got the Res JuniorCC which was upgraded and made her Club Junior Champion. Bambina didn’t like the slippery, shining floor and thus went 2nd with Reserve tickets, only.

Jan. 04, 2007

At the start of the year, a new picture of our Filou together with his good friend living with the von den Steinen family in Remscheid:

Scannen0004 für Web

If we could all be good friends just like these two - regardless of size or colour!!!

Jan. 3, 2008

Pictures of Flip (Mafioso Filipo) at his home with Joanne Kinelly in Michigan/ USA

      DSC01255 für Web                    DSC01244 für Web