Mafioso Topolino





Multi Ch Anstamm Aftershock



Int D AT CH Ch Mafioso
Anstamm’s Shocker

Anstamm Animation


Int D AT CH Ch Downtown
Dulce Mafioso


Multi Ch Downtown Karlos



D Cub Ch Downtown Nessie

Downtown Xtra Applause

D Ch Mafioso Nugget



Multi Ch WW Raglan Rory



Multi Ch Lucia’s Dream Scandalizer

Multi Ch  Lucia’s Dream
Shocking Rumour


D AT CH Ch Mafioso Perla


Int NL LX Ch Lucia’s Dream Shockproof



Mafioso N├Âle

Ch Mafioso Little Jay




Am Ch Dragoon Spectator



Am Ch Anstamm
Revelaire Renegade

Revelaire Affair To Remember


Multi Ch Maryscot Swing Man


Am Ch Princescot High And Mighty



Am Ch Maryscot Painted Black

Am Ch Anstamm On The Rebound

D Ch Mafioso Valentina



Am Ch Anstamm Like A Rock



Am Ch Kintyre Who Cares?

Am Ch Kintyre Who Else?


Ch Mafioso Flicka


Int NL LX Ch Lucia’s Dream Shockproof



D AT Ch Mafioso Bambina

Int D AT Mafioso Anstamm’s Bonnie