Mafioso Flicka





Am Ch Dragoon Spectator



Am Ch Anstamm Revelaire Renegade

Revelaire Affair To Remember


Am Ch Anstamm Like A Rock


Am Ch Anstamm Back At You



Am Ch Anstamm
Mistyglen Show No Mercy

Mystiglen Tale Of Sunny Days

Am Ch Kintyre Who Cares?



Am Ch Kintyre Leather Bound



Am Ch Kintyre Merrymaker

Am Ch Kintyre Merry Chase


Am Ch Kintyre Who Else?


Kintyre Short And Stout



Am Ch Kintyre Short Cut

Kintyre Exclamation Point




Am Ch Anstamm Future Shock



Multi Ch Anstamm Aftershock

Am Ch Anstamm Incorrigible


Int NL LX Ch Lucia’s Dream Shockproof


Multi Ch Tamzin Make My Day



Int NL B Lux Ch Lucia’s Dream Swiss Miss

Int NL Ch Lucia’s Dream Swyn-Y-Moor

D AT Ch Mafioso Bambina



NL DK Ch Noblescourt Touch of Tweed



Ch Mafioso Tango

D AT Ch Mafioso Stella


Int D AT Mafioso Anstamm’s Bonnie


Am Ch Anstamm Riptide



Anstamm Animation

Reeser’s Shadow Caster