Ansgari’s Ottilie Edda

2004 - 2016
Breeder: Antje Mannig-Packebusch


Edda lived with Mona Riedl (Kennel “Deacon Brodie’s”) until Mona deceased in 2012. Then, she came, together with the rest of Mona’s dogs, to us - a home she knew pretty well from show trips as well as many visits.

Edda was a light brindle bitch, and we very approached pretty often due to her exceptional colour whenever people saw her.

From a breeding perscective, Edda was also a specialty. She was bred mainly from the oöd eEnglish wheatens which were imported to Germany by Mrs, Draude (Kennel “von Creynveld”) in the sixties of last century. Accordingly, she had a lot of pigment, with dark skin (also inside her ears), a totally black nose and black nails. She had a lot of bone, but her head was long and clean. She also displayed the old temperamental characteristics, i.e. a strong hunting spirit.

Unfortunately, there basically existed no other (stud) dogs from this blood line any more, neither in Germany nor in the whole of Europe which made it a real challenge to continue breeding along those lines. Onlly the stud of her first litter, our Mafioso Bingo Boy carried theseold genes way back in his pedigree. Accordingly, her puppies had very mixed colours, including another light-brindle boy.

In the show ring, her qualities were not really appreciated. She was just too differntly looking and too “old-fashioned”. But for us, she always was the “champion of our hearts”.

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