News 2010


Here is a summary of our show year 2010:

Maryscot Swing Man
  28x shown, 13x CAC, 6x CACIB, 6x BOB
  German Champion (Club), German Champion (VDH), Champion Switzerland, Champion Austria
  Intern. Champion (eff. Okt. 2009)

Mafioso Perla
  1x shown (abroad); 1x CAC

Mafioso Flicka
  2x shown, 1x CAC,
  German Champion (Club)

Mafioso Nugget
  19x shown in Junior Class (7x abroad), 11x JunCAC,
  10x shown adult (4x abroad), 1x CAC
  German Junior Champion (Club), German Junior Champion (VDH), Junior Champion Austria,
  Club Junior Winner Switzerland, Junior Winner Scottie-Special

For the complete picture, you have to add my “adopted child” Cindy (Deacon Brodies Swinging Cindy) who became in 2010 Junior Champion and Club Junior Winner in Switzerland.


Very bad second day at the International in Kassel. Nuget was VG1 without a ticket awarded and Cindy was only last in her class with VD rating only as well. Swedish judges are just nothing for our dogs.


Partial success at the National Show in Kassel. Nugget was 1st in Intermediate Class (without competition) and got the VDH ticket. Cindy ended up a good second in Junior Class with an EXC rating.


..and another desaster in Kortrijk/ Belgium. The judge from Romania obviously didn’t like the type of our dogs at all. Charlie was 5th and last in champion class and Cindy was only 3rd in junior.


The 2-day show in Stuttgart was a nightmare. First of all, the environment was just unexceptable - way too little room for exhibitors and spectators. Stress for dogs and handlers was significant. The organizing club should easily rent another hall on the fairground, as their are 8 halls available, but they packed 35 rings in just one hall!

Our results were disappointing, too. Charlie was shown in Honour Class, but didn’t win BOB on Sat (he did not compete for BOB on Sun as he was limping). Nugget was Exc2 on Sat and only VG2 on Sun (“too immature”). Cindy was Exc2 on Sat and only VG3 on Sat (“too immature”). We should rather have stayed home and avoided the stress!


We visited the two day international show in Lausanne/ Switzerland. We had nice company with our Swiss friends Margot und Marl├Ęne, but the show results were really strange. Given that only a few Scotties were entered, you could expect a better performance by the judges (and the confused ring stewards)

On Saturday, all 3 dogs shown (Nugget, Charlie & Cindy) earned a CAC ticket by winning their classes, but not more. On Sunday, Charlie and Cindy won their classes again (with CAC ticket). But for Nugget, it was really weird: in the ring, the judge told me, he got Excellent 1 and the ticket, and so it was written on the display board. Some time later, this was changed to “Very Good” without ticket. When asking for an explanation, I was just told “that’s how it is”. Unfortunately, this causes Nugget to miss his Swiss Junior Champion title - very annoying!
Anyhow, Charlie completed his Swiss Champion title and Cindy her Swiss Junior Champion title.

So we have at least reached our objectives (with one exception) while we wer disappointed about the results in general, particularly for Charlie who was BIG here last year with stronger competition.


Last weekend, we visited the world’s largest Terrier Show, Montgomery County Kennel Club, taking 2 dogs (Charlie and Cindy) with us. What a wonderful experience! The quality of the organisation as well as the more then 2,100 Terriers (140 Scotties!) entered was exceptional, the weather was great, and our American friends (old and new) just wonderful. We got a lot of compliments for both ur dogs, but at the shows with a lot of competition (Cindy had 17 bitches in her class, Charlie 30!) we were expectedly not placed. But we were not at all disappointed as we were just looking for the great experience with an “olympic spirit”.


In Tulln, at the Austrian Bundes Winner and Club Winner shows, (almost) everything went wrong with the Australian judges: we just earned one CACA ticket on Saturday with Nugget. Otherwise, all our dogs were just placed. For Charlie, his upgraded ResCACA ticket may be enough to complete his Austrian Champion title. But this is still under review by the club because the necessary 12-month period is questionable.


From the Terrier show in Durmersheim, we returned with maximum success. The results were “on the point”:

Flicka won the CAC (and BOS). With this win, she completed her German Champion (Club) title.
Charlie won the CAC as well and was BOB, too. For him that meant that he completed two titles: German Champion (Club) and German Champion (VDH).
For Nugget there was only a second place left, but he had a lot of fun - like always.


At the Terrier show Siegerland, we tried something new/ different -partially successful only. Nugget was shown with for the first time the adults in Intermediate Class. As we expected, he got the ResCC only- mostly due to his childish behavior. But this is also the starting point for his championship he will hopefully gain. And he can use the next 12 months to become more mature.
Flicka was shown the first time after a long break and puppies. Unfortunately, she missed the ResCC ticket which would have been sufficient to finish her Club Champion title, But she, obviously, still suffers from motherhood - she’s a bit fat and lacks furnishings.


As a long standing tradition, we visited the Club Show of the Scottish Terrier Club Switzerland. It was a nice event, like always, especially as a puppy from our last litter (Victorio aka “Apollo”) visited us there.

Our young ones had very nice results: Nugget won the Club Junior Winner title and became Best Junior as well. Cindy also earned the Club Junior Winner title. Only the adults (Charlie & News) both ended up on second places.


Club Winner show of the German Terrier Club (KfT) in Bensheim: everything turned out according to my expectations - and I didn’t have high ones with an English judge. Charlie got a lot of credit for his qualities, but he just isn’t a a dog with “substance” and a excessive furnishings (because I don’t like it). He was, therefore, placed 3rd only. Nugget showed his happy but chaotic temperament which really isn’t an advantage to see his qualities which were definitely acknowledged by the judge. So he was 2nd - but he had a lot of fun!


We went to the show weekend in Leipzig with 3 dogs.  Unfortunately, the show did not take place any more at the traditional and very special AGRA site, but at the new Leipzig Fairgrounds which made it very ordinary - more convenient for the VDH as the organizer, but not very special and also tight for the exhibitors.
Our results were mixed: Nugget won the Junior class both days and thus finished his German Junior Champion (VDH) title. Charlie was 2nd in Champion both days behind the World and Crufts Winner from Russia. Little Cindy showed very well again, but as she is changing coat, she ended up on 4th place both days.


At the Intern. Show in Ludwigshafen, we were not so successful - even with the same judge as 2 weeks ago, but competition was very different.
Nugget was 2nd in Junior Class; while being the better dog (according to the judge), he acted so undisciplined in the ring that he just didn’t deserve the win; Charlie won the ResCAC/IB ticket and his daughter was 3rd in her class which was quite OK taking her young age of 9.5 months into consideration.


At the Terrier show in K├Âppern, Charlie won the CAC as well as BOB.


We visited the international show in Oberwart/ Austria - with maximum success, all our dogs won. Charlie won the CACIB and BOB, and my young adopted baby Cindy, first time in juniors, won the Junior class. And in the main ring, they both came in the selection of the last six dogs in the group.


At the annual Scottie-Special of the German Scottish Terrier Club, Nugget wins the Junior Winner title.


For the first time ever, we visited the Club Winner Show of the Austrian Terrier Club at Sachsengang. Nugget became Best Junior and completed his Austrian Junior Champion title. Additionally, we became Austrian Club Junior Winner - both without any competition.

I always feel disappointed to win without competition. But looking at how judging went for the other dogs we showed, it was possibly a asset this time. After winning the champion class, Charlie did not get the Club Winner title. And for Perla, it was exactly the same. Looking at the title winners, we could not understand these decisions at all, just like other knowledgeable spectators from outside the ring.


Our vist two the weekend shows in Klagenfurt/ Austria was a limited success, only. Nugget got the Jun ticket on Saturday, but on Sunday, the judge refused to give him the ticket though he was 1st. Charlie got the reserve ticket on Saturday. On Sunday, we coulldn’t show him as he had a problem with his foor and was limping.


At the Intern’tl show in Gie├čen, Charlie won the CAC/CACIB ticket. Nugget only got the reserve ticket; but as the winner was already finished, he completed the Club Junior Champion title anyway.


At the Terrier show in Dorndorf, Nugget won his 3rd JunCAC. Charlie had to be content with the ResCAC.
The two adopted children Watson (Deacon Brodie’s Swinging Charles) and Cindy (Deacon Brodie’s Swinging Cindy) had a real nice start into her show career by both winning first place in puppy class.


The trip to the intern. show in Salzburg ended with the required tickets: Nugget got his first Junior ticket and Charlie his third CAC ticket (and the obsolete CACIB). But with only five dogs shown, I would have expected a little bit more for him!


At the Terrier show in Ludwigshafen, Charlie again won the CAC ticket and BOB. Nugget, unfortunately, was only 2nd junior.


At the Terrier show in Ludwigshafen, Nugget won the JunCAC ticket. Charlie won the CAC ticket and was BOB.


Finally, we got a litter again: 2 boys and 4 girls out of Mafioso Flicka by Maryscot Swing Man (Charlie)!


Today, the formal conformation from FCI arrived: Charlie is International Champion


At his first show in Germany, Nugget is ranked Exc1 in Junior Class and receives his first JunCAC tickets,


We visited the famous Luxembourg Spring show which again had a very good entry with 49 Scotties. The judge was Mr. MateDuran from Spain.

Nugget was shown for the first time. He was only placed 4th, but I was very happy anyway because he showed himself very nicely which gives us a good feeling for his future career.

Charlie got the best possible results under the given circumstances - the ResCACIB ticket. The Spanish judge awarded the both CACIB ticketsand BOB to the only two dogs owned and handled by Spanish people - which did not have other outstanding qualities besides that!


After finally receiving the information from the FCI office that Charlie during his time in Brazil collected 9 (!) CACIB tickets there, it turns out that he is International Champion since October 2010. We will immediately send the papers in to the FCI so that he doesn’t block other dogs at int. shows.


At the weekend with two intern. all-breed shows at Fribourg/ Switzerland, Charlie (Maryscot Swing Man) won the CACIB ticket both days. On Saturday, he also won BOB.
Fribourg BOB 043
Detailed results can be found on the web page of the Scottish Terrier Club Switzerland


An extraordinary success was accomplished by a Scottish Terrier in the USA who also happens to be the half sister to our Charlie (Maryscot Swing Man)

Roundtown Mercedes of Maryscot

Breedrs: Mary O’Neal und Anstamm Kennels


Top Dog All Breeds in the USA!

Sadie TopDog

Sadie was shown 156 times winning 155 BOBs. She won 79 BIS and 137 Terrier Group 1 at all-breed shows (6 BIS at Terrier Group shows). She also won 3 Specialty BOBs (incl. Montgomery County), won BOB and the group at Westminster and was BOB at Crufts (and Terrier Group 2).