Utz von Creynveld

1986 - 1990

German Champion (VDH)
German Champion (KfT)

KfT Junior Champion

With Utz, our way into showing and breeding started. Originally, we got him as a companion for our old Scottie girl Muffin. But his breeder Frau Draude asked us: “why don’t you try to show him”. And so we acquired the show virus. And soon we started to think about having just one litter - that’s how we got the breeding virus, too.

Utz was a wonderful, strong brindle dog. With lots of wonderful coat. He represented more the old German Scottie style, with lots of substance, perfect angulations, but a little more coarse than we want it today. And he had a very “sporty” body allowing him to accompany us during long bicycle rides. Overall, he was of such quality that we could enjoy a number of wonderful successes in the show ring - even as show novices. At the end, he turned out to be the last champion bred by Frau Draude.

His last win -and an exciting experience for us- was a terrier show in Göppingen. First he won the brace, together with three daughters, and finally he became Best in Show!

Unfortunately, he developed lymphosarcoma shortly after. Our vet suspected that this was caused by the Chernobyl disaster as he grew up in a highly affected area in the south of Germany. We had to let him go at only 4,5 years of age. But we will always be thinking of him.

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