Downtown Rio de Janeiro

 1991  -  2001

International Champion
German Champion (VDH)
German Champion (KfT)
Austrian Champion

KfT Junior Champion
German Junior Bundes Winner

Rio was our first American-bred dog. We bought him from Bärbel Bruweleit (Downtown Kennel) who had imported his parents, both from the Sandgreg bloodlines.

Rio was quite a dog, well known by everybody. He was a real diehard, not avoiding any competition, inside and outside the ring. What a temperament! His rough sides were overcompensated by his love to everybody he knew; that even included his male companions in our kennel.

He had an impressive head, with teeth like a tiger. He was well balanced in every dimension, walked like a machine; and he was big, probably at the upper end of the standard. But with all his strengths, he enjoyed quite a successful show career becoming our first International Champion. Even with 8 years, he went BOB over other Champions and won Best Veteran in Show in an international all-breed event.

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