Deacon Brodie’s Who Knows

2006 - 2018
Breeder: Mona Riedl

German Champion (Club)
German Champion (VDH)
Austrian Champion

Austrian Junior Champion
Bundes Junior Winner Austria

News Head

News was th only self-bred bitch she kept and future hope of our dear friend Mona Riedl (Kennel “Deacon Brodie’s”) where she lived until Mona died in 2012. We then took her in our house together with the other dogs of Mona - which was not a big change for News as she knew us from show trips and also has been in our house many times before.

News was bred mainly along the American Anstamm bloodline and she represented this type very much. She was very elegant and showed the typical “Anstamm headpiece”. Her proportions resembled the breed type: not too short (longer than tall), with a balanced neck asd well-angled fore and hind legs. One of her strenghts was her gait: she could walk like a trot horse, reaching great speed with a lot of drive from behind, withiut getting into galloping.

Her character was absolutely lovely and playful with her mom and stepdad H-P Clieves, but every other person was approached with suspicion and had to prove that he/she was worth to be liked (which was the case with Corina quickly after News arrived in our house).

While it wasn’t too easy because of her character, she gained a number of champion titles anyway - always handled by Hans-Peter.

Unfortunately, whatever we tried, News never had puppies - a great disappointment for Mona.

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